Super Deal Portable Twin Tub Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Believe it or not, washing machines nowadays can be as small as a tall hamper, conveniently placed in a corner of your bathroom. It’s a great way to keep your laundry clean without taking up too much space. What might be the best washing machine to fit the bill is the Super Deal Portable Twin Tub, featuring a small washer and dryer in a space saving design.

Why We Like It – Super Deal Portable Twin Tub Review

A twin tub washing machine that can wash and dry your clothes, but designed to conveniently fit any small home, from college dorm to mobile RV. Compare this with the revolutionary Washwow 2.0 portable washing machine.

  • Can wash and dry
  • Very affordable
  • Great choice for small homes
  • There’s a better option for the same price
  • Only two washing cycles

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Our review of Super Deal Portable Twin Tub had us perplexed. How did such a small washer and dryer combo have such power? It can handle up to 8 lbs of clothing in the washer, with a gravity drain to take care of the leftover. And when it’s finished, you can move clothes into the dryer, which has a spin capacity of 5 lbs. Yes, this tiny washer has a spin dryer! Its spin cycle timer runs for about 5 minutes, with the washer having a maximum of 15 minutes. It only has two washing cycles, however; one for Soft, another for Standard. The Panda Compact Washing Machine, on the other hand, has six cycles.


What the Super Deal portable Twin Tub does beside, aside from washing and drying clothes at a reasonable rate, is portability. It’s space saving design is its best asset. Its dimensions are 23 x 13.5 x 26 inches, making it one of the smallest dryer and washer combinations on our list. Putting it that way, it’s amazing how much power is hiding underneath a small chassis. And it only weighs 26.4 lbs. That’s about as large as a small child.


The Super Deal Compact Portable Washing Machine has so much value packed into its space saving design. And considering it’s a washing machine w/ wash and spin cycle dryer, it makes it an ideal choice for camping apartments dorms college rooms and RVs.

While that’s still good for a great portable washer, the Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub does a slightly better job at the same price. What the Super Deal Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine does better is having an ever so slightly smaller design. It’s still a better deal than the Costway Mini Washing Machine, which just washes clothes.

Super Deal Portable Twin Tub Review Wrap Up

Given there’s a somewhat better washer/dryer combo, the Super Deal Portable Twin Tub is still an excellent twin tub, albeit slightly smaller in size. We looked past its two washing cycles because of the option for timed loads. Everything that it offers—affordable price, compact design—more than makes up for its small weaknesses.

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