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SunPower is one of the oldest and best panel manufacturers in the country, and it delivers once again with its X Series solar panels for residential use. As part of the series, the SPR X22 panel delivers efficient solar energy generation with top solar technology. It definitely makes the list of best solar panels, but unlike options like Renogy 100 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel, Ring Solar Panel, and RAVPower Foldable Solar Panel, the SPR X22 is for residential application.

Why We Like It – SunPower SPR-X22-360 Review

Residential solar power has huge advantages and the SunPower SPR-X22-360 is sure to make the most of them. With a high conversion efficiency and highly durable design, you can’t go wrong counting on this solar panel to power your home.

  • Top of the line monocrystalline
  • High conversion efficiency
  • Long lifespan
  • Could be a higher initial cost


The SPR X22 is a high performing solar panel. Its 22-percent conversion efficiency is fantastic for users just starting out with residential solar. You can count on this solar panel to make the most of limited roof space. It also performs well in partial shade and high temperature areas (very hot temperatures affect solar panels).

It also has a fabulous power tolerance. The SPR X22 is rated for 360 watts of power. For solar panels, that rating can vary in real world conditions, which is what power tolerance indicates. But the SPR X22 has a zero percent negative power tolerance, which means that it will never generate less than 360 watts (though it can generate up to five percent more). All that adds up to producing more usable energy per watt.


Of course, the design of this solar panel is what enables such great, reliable performance. First off, it’s super durable. The SPR X22 is the only panel that has its solar cells built into a solid metal foundation. That makes it resistant to corrosion, cracking, and severe weather.

The solar cells themselves are premium monocrystalline, which makes them efficient and sleek looking. They degrade at a much slower rate than other common residential solar panels and produce more energy as well.


When investing in residential solar, price is a consideration, but it’s one that you have to consider over the span of years. SunPower SPR X22 360 is a fantastic option to assure a return on your investment. The energy conversion is high and the panel is reliable to produce over the span of 25 years.

SunPower SPR-X22-360 Review Wrap Up

Switching your power source to solar can be intimidating, but you know you’re getting a high performing, reliable product with the SunPower SPR-X22-360. Its premium build ensures both its longevity and its production. The fact that it’s powerful enough to work on smaller roofs and in less than ideal conditions (i.e., partial sun and high temperatures) is a huge bonus. This is an excellent solar panel for residential applications.

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