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With its waterproofing materials, the Sunbrite TV is one of the best outdoor TVs on the market. It comes in 3 different “flavors” depending on how sunny your outdoor area is, all perfect for watching sports, movies, and TV outside.

Why We Like It – Sunbrite TV

The Sunbrite TV is fully protected from the elements. It’s also impact-proof, perfect for families with active lifestyles. The Sunbrite TV is protected from rain, bugs, and even stray golf balls! And the weatherproof remote control and HMDI inputs is a fantastic touch.

  • 3 different options: full shade, partial sun, and full sun
  • Can withstand extreme heat and cold
  • Impact-resistant
  • Only 2 HDMI ports
  • Very expensive


With its anti-glare screen, the Sunbrite Pro 2 is way brighter than typical indoor TVs. It’s a full high definition 1080p TV, with clear and sharp picture quality you won’t find with other indoor TVs. It has a 60hz refresh rate for smooth sports games without motion blur. And Sunbrite makes 3 different versions of its outdoor TVs to fit any setup. The SunbriteTV Veranda Series (with 4K HDR support) is for full shade areas like closed-in decks; the SunbriteTV Signature Series is for partial sun areas like balconies and decks; and the Pro Series is great for direct sunlight like sunny hards or poolside. And all 3 are commercial-grade, able to live in extreme temperature ranges from -40F to 122F. Compare this 55-inch TV to the Sunbrite Outdoor TV 44-Inch, if you need a different size.


The Sunbrite TV includes a detachable speaker bar that can be mounted to the top or bottom of the TV, which works well for any setup. The sound is fairly loud, and is fairly good quality.

Smart Features

The Sunbrite is not a smart TV. If you’re looking for smart features, check out the Sony XBR65X900F.


This TV has 2 HDMI ports, S-Video and Composite Video ports, and an audio input port. The built-in media bay helps protect the TV’s ports from sand and water, while also allowing you to play from different devices and consoles without worrying about external cords.


Because it is fully weatherproof and temperature-controlled, the Sunbrite TV is sold at a premium. Its internal components are fully protected from rain, bugs, and dirt, so the value in this TV comes with its long lifespan. Sunbrite also offers a two-year warranty. If you’re looking for a physically solid TV that you won’t have to replace for several years, then the Sunbrite TV might be for you. But if you’re looking for something a couple thousand cheaper, then check out the Furrion TV.

Sunbrite TV Wrap Up

If you want a TV to permanently install in your backyard, then definitely check out the Sunbrite TV. You have 3 different options to choose from depending on how sunny your outdoor area is, and it can handle both extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures. The biggest drawback is the price, but if you want to install it and leave it for years, then you can’t go wrong with the Sunbrite.

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