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StreamTV Networks to announce world’s first 2160p 3D TV?

A little birdie just let me know that on Friday at IFA Pennsylvania based StreamTV Networks might just be announcing that they are making the world’s first 2160p 3D TV nicknamed “Ultra-D”. This little birdie also told me a bit about how StreamTV is going to work – you see, since there is not really any native 2160p content right now, companies are having their televisions stretch the existing two million pixels you get with 1080p to fill up the eight million available with 2160. It looks better, sure – but only about 10% better on the whole. StreamTV is taking a far different approach, and is using a software algorithm to fill in missing pixels. Now take this with a grain of salt since we haven’t seen it in action yet, and none of this is official but I for one can not wait to see this all in action. I’ve seen what StreamTV can do on a smaller, older television – and it was absolutely amazing. No headaches, no glasses, no problems – and NO, before you even think it the glasses free 3D put out by their system is absolutely nothing like that of the Nintendo 3DS. With so many options available, Which LED TV Is Right for You?

At any rate, we here at Gadget Review are really looking forward to seeing what StreamTV can do in the future.  If my source is right (and my sources are rarely wrong), come CES next year we could be seeing something really neat from these guys.  I’m not at liberty to say anything too specific right now about it, but it should suffice to say that I’m literally salivating at the thought of what that little birdie told me.  Stay tuned here for more news from StreamTV Networks after their big press conference at IFA, and hopefully a full on review once their consumer ready televisions ship out.

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