Straight Talk Phone Insurance Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

Cell phone insurance policies provided by the carriers are typically very expensive when it comes to monthly costs and deductibles. But the Straight Talk Phone Insurance is different. It comes at a low price point, and it pretty much is the best cell phone insurance for Straight Talk Wireless subscribers.

Why We Like It – Straight Talk Phone Insurance

The Straight Talk Phone Insurance policy is one of the cheapest of the bunch when it comes to cell phone insurance policies provided directly by the carrier. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad by any means. It’s actually pretty good and comes in two different plans, the Easy Exchange Plan and Easy Exchange Plus Plan. Or if you prefer third party insurers, take a look at the Squaretrade Cell Phone Insurance.

  • It can be used to virtually extend the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Damages due to humidity or mechanical failures are covered
  • Accidental liquid damage is also covered
  • California residents don’t qualify

Coverage And Deductible

Straight Talk Wireless offers two plan options as we mentioned before (similar to T-Mobile Insurance Phone Replacement plan that offers limited options). But the price difference between the Easy Exchange Plus and Easy Exchange Plan for modern smartphones (especially for flagship devices) is so low that, if you need an insurance policy for your phone that you bought with your hard-earned money, you might as well rather go for the former, slightly more expensive plan.
Both plans can extend the manufacturer’s warranty by an additional year. And they both also safeguard your mobile device from mechanical and electrical failures. And the deductible can range from $29 to $99 (both 12 & 24 months).

Backup Services

Once again, Straight Talk Wireless might offer you unlimited talk text data plans, but their insurance policy doesn’t cover your important data. So you’ll have to arrange a cloud data backup service like Google Drive, where data rates may apply.

Customer Service

You get to see your plans just by entering your phone number on the portal. And the customer support you get is provided by Tracfone Wireless Inc and Straight Talk themselves, even though Asurion handles most of the insurance part. So the support is pretty good for the most part.

Security Features

The best part about this insurance policy is, depending on your device, you might be eligible for this policy without having to pay a monthly cost if you are a subscriber of any of their unlimited talk text data plans. That is a massive advantage as even the great AKKO Phone Insurance (which is widely regarded as the best cell phone insurance policy available out there) can’t match that.


Well, looking at everything above, you might be thinking that this insurance policy is a tremendous deal. But there are a few catches too. You see, it doesn’t cover any loss/theft cases, damages due to natural disasters, and normal wear & tear. That’s why even the Geek Squad Phone Protection Plan is better than it if you can afford it.

Straight Talk Phone Insurance Wrap Up

All in all, the Straight Talk Phone Insurance is good enough if you are looking for a cheap protection plan that covers a few aspects of your expensive smartphone. However, most people who opt for phone insurance plans need full coverage.

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