Get Some R&R In The Stormtrooper Lounger

Stormtrooper lounger

Nothing beats lazy days at home, laying on the couch and catching a Star Wars marathon on TV. Too bad it doesn’t happen everyday because if it did, we’d practically live in the Stormtrooper Lounger ($69.99) from ThinkGeek! Seriously, it’s the perfect outfit to complement a day doing nothing but sitting on the couch and vegging out. Made to make you look like an official Stormtrooper, the jumpsuit also doubles as an awesome Halloween costume for the super lazy (all you need is the helmet, which is not included).

Stormtrooper lounger

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The officially licensed Star Wars lounger is made to be ultra comfy, with the one-piece jumpsuit made from  60% cotton / 40% polyester making it the only thing you’ll want to wear when you have nothing scheduled for the day. But if you must go out for some reason (maybe to refill on chips and soda?), it has two front pockets (kangaroo-style to be exact) where you can stash your wallet. The jumpsuit zips up on the front and there’s a hood for those supper cold days or when you don’t want to do your hair. The Star Wars logo is also printed across the back of the belt so you know the suit is legit because even Stormtroopers need some R&R, right?

Stormtrooper lounger

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