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As number 1 in the best automatic pot stirrer buying guide, the stirmate smart pot stirrer is a self adjusting automatic pot stirrer with a high heat resistance. As long as it doesn’t come in contact with 515 °F heat or higher, it’s a sturdy and long-lasting utensil to use.

Why We Like It – StirMATE Smart Pot Stirrer

The StirMATE Smart Pot Stirrer is a cordless and quiet device that allows for hands free use with even thicker foods like cheese curd and risotto, and has a very fast recharge time. It also prevents scratching the bottoms of pots and self adjusts to a wide range of different sizes of pots and pans.

  • Self-adjustable
  • Can be used for both pots and pans
  • Fast recharge time
  • Can melt when in long-term contact with hot enough liquids


Automatic pot stirrers like this have a rechargeable battery and at least 2 stirring speeds as standard features. However, unlike stirrers like the saki automatic pan stirrer, this stirrer can last for at least 12 hours of use before it needs to recharge, and the recharging time is only about 30 minutes. It also spins as fast as it does because it contains a high torque motor, giving it the ability to endure the thicker recipes a user could use it for.


This heavy duty stirrer self adjusts and is made of carefully selected, FDA compliant material in the form of heat resistant food grade plastic. Like the Ardente Gourmet Stirrer, it clips onto the pot to stay secure while it operates. Also, unlike the Uutensil Saucepan Stirrer, it can withstand heat of at least 212 °F, can adjust to different size pots and pans, and has a faster motor that can stir thicker porridges and sauces without the potential need for human intervention.


The price seems about right for what this stirrer can do: It’s fast, powerful, and it can last for a long time and maintain a consistent performance when it’s heat threshold hasn’t been reached. People also have the option to buy additional (and separately sold) accessories that are compatible with this stirrer: The Stainless Steel Omni-XL, which is essentially a large stainless steel bowl, and the thermometer upgrade kit, which allows the user to see the temperature of the liquid while it’s being stirred.

StirMATE Smart Pot Stirrer Wrap Up

According to some customer reviews, it can last at least a year and still function like it did during its first use. However, before thinking about buying the stirrer, make sure you have at least one pot or pan that you can use with it. It can be used with pots that are 6-12 inches in diameter and 3-9 inches in depth.

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