Steelseries SRW-S1 Racing Wheel (video)

If you smashed together Microsoft’s newest Xbox 360 steering wheel and the Thrustmaster F1 racing wheel, we’re pretty confident it would look like this, the SRW-S1.

Much like Xbox’s latest steering wheel, this one uses an accelerometer to detect the direction of movement (i.e. which way you’re turning).  And like Thrustmaster’s version, which is a clear ode to a real F1 wheel, this wheel also includes all the buttons and knobs (20 to be exact) to give you that real deal racing experience.  And while there is no base to provide force feedback as you hit the corners, there are a set of pedal triggers, which ultimately means that you can tote this wired wheel around in a backpack and take on your friends without the hassle of lugging around multiple components that are often heavy and cumbersome to carry.

Now for some caveats: the SRW-S1 is built specifically for Simraceway’s training game.  However, they say that it should work with most PC racers right out of the box, though it can be further configured if necessary. That’s right, it’s for PC only, so any dreams of playing this with Forza 4 on your Xbox 360 are far from a reality, at least for now.   Sold?  You can buy one direct for $120.

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