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SteelSeries Arctis Headsets are Lighter, Sportier – and More Affordable

Arctis 5
The Arctis 5 is the middle road option from SteelSeries' new line.

We’re big fans of SteelSeries around here, but so far a model has yet to reach our list of the best Xbox One headsets of 2018. But SteelSeries is aiming more directly at console gamers – and more casual gamers – with its new Arctis release. The Arctis line promises to be lighter, more versatile, and more sporty than a lot of past SteelSeries headsets. Let’s take a look!

The models are divided into the Arctis 3, 5 and 7 – and there’s a lot of variation between. The first thing you may notice is the inner headband, a feature we haven’t associated much with SteelSeries before (Turtle Beach has been more fond of them), but which gives the headphones a cheap way of auto-fitting to a gamer’s head no matter what. They’re also a bit inspired by sports equipment like ski goggles – and offer a surprising amount of visual customization for all three models.

The Arctis 3 comes with 7.1 virtual surround sound, and a 3.5mm connection for your Xbox Controller or similar device – plus an included adapter for other platforms. SteelSeries wants you to be able to use Arctic models on just about everything.

Steelseries Arctis

Three very different Arctis models for different gamers.

The Arctis 5 adds USB compatibility for a more computer-focused model, although it can also work on all platforms. It also provides some cool, customization LED lighting for that true gaming spirit (and RGB callouts, if you’re into that).

The Arctis 7, meanwhile, is the only wireless model, and the only model that can also work with VR (although we’re not sure how everything is supposed to fit on your head). There are also analog options if your preferred system isn’t compatible with wireless.

All three models come with a retractable mic and the ability to personalize microphone noise reduction as well as other audio features, based on model. Of course, you’re no doubt wondering about the pricing…which is impressive for these models. The Arctis 3 is set at $80, the Arctis 5 is selling for $100, and the Arctis 7 is available for $150. You can preorder now, but you’ll have to wait until November for shipping!

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  1. Eddie Roberts

    I love SteelSeries and these new headsets look amazing. Thank you for making me aware of them. I know what I am getting myself for Christmas.

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