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When you’re sick of back pain, and need the best office chair to replace the cushion and plastic you’ve been sitting on for years, the Steelcase Leap V2 has you covered. With back supporting technology, it aims to target your lower back and upper back, reducing tension and pressure for a much more comfortable office chair.

Why We Like It – Steelcase Leap Chair

With excellent lumbar support, oodles of armrest adjustability, and comfort, the Steelcase Leap Chair gives you every reason to view it as a premium office chair.

  • Live Back technology provides excellent lumbar support
  • Highly adjustable armrests
  • Mostly designed with recyclable parts
  • Better model is available
  • Expensive


One of the best features the Steelcase Leap Chair V2 incorporated into its design is the taller back. This has been a godsend for much taller individuals, which feels like there’s more support for lower back firmness. Both the V1 and V2 have amazing lumbar support, and may earn a better rating from us over the Herman Miller Aeron. This further heightens the Steelcase Leap’s Live Back technology, which fluctuates with your movements, reducing overall pressure to your back. The Herman Miller Embody Chair might have it beat with its Pixelated Support.


A comfortable chair isn’t the only feature the Steelcase Leap Chair offers. We love the number of ways one can adjust the armrests—especially in this day and age where everyone is sitting in strange positions to use their tablets or smartphones. The adjustable arms can telescope in, out, forward, back, up and down. That’s in addition to seat depth, seat height, and adjustable lumbar, though lacking a headrest, unlike the Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair.

Uncommon in office chairs is the Steelcase Leap’s build quality. This particular piece of office furniture is rather friendly to the environment, being 98% of recyclables by weight, and 30% recycled content.


There is a ton of value locked into the design of the Steelcase Leap Chair. It’s performance waves through the chair itself, mimicking your movements to provide great lumbar support. You won’t by any means waste money making the purchase, even if the pricing is high. In return the Steelcase Leap Chair will be your only chair.

With that said, there is a better model available. The Steelcase Gesture Chair is a few dollars cheaper and provides arguably better performance. It also comes in a much wider variety of colors but more importantly, the Gesture has alternative designs (like a high chair).

Steelcase Leap Chair Wrap Up

With how often people sit at desks, purchasing a Steelcase Leap Chair V2 is a small price to pay in order to leave the office with your back in good shape. It helps the arms being highly adjustable as well, and it does provide some peace of mind that the chair is nearly 100% recyclable and made of 30% recyclable material. This is still true, even though a better model is available.

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