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Finding comfortable office furniture to accommodate smartphone and tablet positions can be tough. Or it would be if not for the Steelcase Gesture Chair backing you up. Thanks to its excellent performance and design, it’s the best office chair for today’s climate, saturated by gadgets and gizmos.

Why We Like It – Steelcase Gesture Chair

The Steelcase Gesture Chair is designed from the ground up to specifically target and accommodate the new consumer devices people carry with them.

  • Supports a wide range of positions
  • Very comfortable
  • Alternate designs available
  • Can’t adjust the lumbar support much
  • Expensive


The first detail you’ll notice is the seemingly simplistic design shared by many office chairs. Don’t let that fool you; the technology is weaved into the chair itself. When you rest your body against the back of the seat, Steelcase’s 3D Liveback technology kicks in, automatically adjusting to sync with the curvature of your spine and follow your body’s movement naturally. That’s part of the reason it’s great at accommodating different positions because it alters itself along with your body rather than against it and causing unwanted pressure. The lumbar support it provides outclasses the Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair.


A fundamental issue was addressed in the way the Steelcase Gesture Chair was designed. With the introduction of consumer technology like smartphones and tablets, people adopted new positions. Rather than design the chair to work for just an office desk, the Steelcase Gesture Chair was designed to accommodate a wide variety of positions. The biggest contributing factor, aside from the lumbar support, are the arm rests. Adjust the height (and seat height), tilt, and swivel, providing ample opportunity to find a position most comfortable to you in the moment; in fact, just slightly more adjustment options than the Steelcase Leap Chair.


It’s very clear a lot of effort went into the design of the Steelcase Gesture Chair—especially when you consider 2,000 people across 11 countries were studied to make it happen. Few companies are addressing the new positions people are using, and quickly finding new seating because the average office chair cannot accommodate specific positions.

With that said, the Steelcase Gesture Chair is rather expensive. However, in return you get a chair to end your journey for years to come. Not to mention the Steelcase Gesture Chair also comes in alternate designs, such as a stool version if you need a taller chair. Still, it’s cheaper than the Herman Miller Embody Chair.

Steelcase Gesture Chair Wrap Up

The biggest strike against the Steelcase Gesture Chair is the lack of adjustable lumbar, but its 3D Liveback technology does much of the work anyways. It’s expensive, sure, but you get a chair that’s comfortable, supports a wide range of sitting positions, and supports your back at the same time.

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