Stay Toasty With Brookstone’s Towel Warmer

towel warmer

Nothing beats a warm towel from the dryer after a shower, especially on chilly winter days and nights. Now you can treat yourself to that luxurious and toasty feeling every time you step out of the shower with Brookstone’s Towel Warmer. The warmer can fit up to two oversize towels thanks to its extra-large design and the transparent lid lets you see inside. But it can also fit  two 40″ x 70″ bath sheets at a time—as well as robes or blanket, allowing you to warm loads of items during winter.

It features a built-in heating element that warms your towels inside and out in just 10 minutes! And in case you forget about the towels warming in the Towel Warmer, there’s an auto shut-off function that will automatically turn it off for you. To use, simply plug it into a standard 120V AC Outlet and place some towels and wait for them to get warm! You can jump in the shower and then have the warm towels waiting for you when you get out since they will stay warm until you get them.  It uses a safe silicone heating element to thoroughly and evenly warm the entire towel. It’s also great for warming mittens, gloves and hats before or after venturing out into the cold. Order one now for $89.99 and get ready to be nice and toasty come winter!

towel warmer

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