Bear Grylls is the one man you’ll want out there with you if  you ever get stuck on a deserted island, get lost in the wilderness or have to survive in the snow. Yes, you’d probably want him along with you instead of your best earthquake kit. But since you can’t really have him physically with you, at least you can carry around his Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack that will help you survive any conditions you might find yourself in. If you want another, smaller, option, take a look at our review of the action hero toolkit. The survivalist icon relies on his kit and his wits to get from being lost in the wild and his entire product armada features every single Bear Grylls product he’s ever come out with. If you really want to feel like a survivalist, you’ll also want to read our BowTech CPS invasion review. If you don’t need this full kit, you might be interested in reading our review of the FireKnife survival knife instead.

All his handy tools are conveniently stored in one super-useful pack is available for $960.  While this may seem hefty, it’s a small price to pay for the best disaster kit. The kit includes every knife you could think of, a flashlight, first aid kit, flair sticks, water pottle, floating device and so much more. It’s all packed into a Commando 60 pack, which will most likely make carrying all the cool gadgets fairly easy. Even if you don’t plan on traveling to exotic lands to only to get lost, the Ultimate Pack will come in handy for a local camping trip! This kit is missing provisions, so you might need the best disaster food kit too.

Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack

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