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Star Wars Theme Song Played on a Washing Machine (video)


Star Wars is just about every where we look.  In fact, we probably can’t go more than a few weeks, if that, without posting about something related to the pervasive brand that seems to have invaded almost every aspect of our nerdy lives.  So without further adieu, we present to you the Star Wars theme song, The Imperial March, on a washing machine. I bet the Maytag MHW8100DC Washing Machine – Best Value Washing Machine can’t do this.

No, it’s not a Star Wars branded clothes cleaner – wouldn’t that be awesome.  Instead, a very idle husband (que the sexist remarks) discovered that he can play a very simplified Star Wars theme by pressing the wash, temp, spin, and delay start buttons in a particular sequence.  Sure, it’s just as much a complete waste of your time as it is for him to do, but as the saying goes, idle hands…

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