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Star Wars Gifts

Star Wars Lightsaber Utensils Are Now Yours For $15

Star Wars Utensils
Include are Yoda, Luke and Darth Vader inspired Lightsaber utensils.

I bet you’d like a Lightsaber cutting knife. I know I would.  But the reality of that ever existing, much like this laser powered razor blade is slim, very, very slim.  In the meanwhile you’ll have to settle for this set of Star Wars utensils from Think Geek.

The set sells for $14.99, so it’s not a question of if, but when you’ll be ordering these.  Included is a Luke fork, Yoda spoon, and Vader knife.  And needless to say these would make a great Star Wars gift.  In fact, we should probably add this to our list of Top Star Wars gifts.

And in case you were wondering, these are officially licensed pieces of merch.  So no need to worry about the Lucas (or Disney) police showing up at your door requesting that you turn over your must use fork, knife and spoon.  And for those concerned about safety, these utensils are made of stainless steel and food-grade ABS plastics.

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