There’s no shortage of battery chargers available in the market, but if you’re a Star Wars fan, you must take a look at the Darth Vader Lightsaber battery pack. It’s looks like a lightsaber, but carries enough power to charge your device if you run out of battery. The charger comes with a 2,800 mAh lithium-ion battery, which can charge iPhones, Android and Windows Phone devices. Need to charge some AA batteries? We have that covered too, with our best rechargeable aas list.

It measures 16.0 x 4.2 x 3.1 cm and is not too big so you can easily carry it along the way. The device comes with a microUSB port for charging, as well as a USB port to give users the ability to charge their devices. It also comes with a red LED light to give you a feel as if you’re holding a lightsaber in your hand. Additionally, it comes with an on/off button to begin/stop charging. All you have to do is connect the USB cable in the charger, and plug in your smartphone. It gives an output of [email protected] so it can charge your device pretty fast. The device also has four LED lights in front to give users an estimated remaining battery. If you need a larger box to contain your battery, take a look at the best battery box instead.

The device is available on Brando for $48.00. Users interested in the device should head over to the source link below to get their hands on the battery pack. The device comes with a USB charging cable, which can be used to charge the portable charger either by plugging it in to USB port on your PC, or through an adapter.

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