Star Wars Hans Solo Blaster Toy Gun Doubles As a Flask

Before you get too excited – though I hate to burst bubbles – this is just concept art.  At least at the moment.  But the good news is that the maker of the Hans Solo Blaster Flask, Insignificant Fish, has taken a few products from concept to actual retail, albeit on Etsy.  So here is hoping.

Han Solo Blaster Flask
Unscrewing the tip of the Han Solo Blaster Flask allows liquid to be poured out.

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So how does it work?  Simple.  The muzzle, or silver tip of the blaster unscrews allowing any wanna be Han Solo to pour whatever fiery (see what I did there?) liquid they so desire from its tip.  And if that wasn’t rad enough, the tip also doubles as a 1.5oz shot glass.  Total capacity is 4.4oz, which is more than most flasks.

Price?  Unknown.

Release date? Unknown.

Demand? Endless.

Han Solo Blaster Flask
The Han Solo Blaster Flask looks like nothing more than a toy gun.

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