The Dark Side is very strong with these Star Wars 3D deco lights. ThinkGeek, provider of tons of cool and nerdy gadgets on the web, just released these new, wall-mounted and battery-powered Star Wars lights. And you can purchase them now for $39.99. If you’re putting these lights in your bathroom, complete the Star Wars theme by reading our concept Millenium Falcon toilet seat and lightsaber toilet plunger review.

Star Wars 3D deco lights also come with a cool sticker that makes the lights look like they’re coming out of your wall. Imagine Darth Vader smashing through your bedroom wall with this helmet…This is probably not a good night light for kids, but still a great Star Wars gift idea for  those hardcore fan…

This is what they look like:


Cool, am I right? The red lights unleash the true power of the Dark Side in Darth Vader’s helmet. Almost makes me wish his eyes actually turned red like that. But that’s almost too evil. And I don’t want to give George Lucas any ideas…

Oh, and the lights also come in Yoda:


Here are some additional product specs from Think Geek:

  • Never gets hot to the touch
  • Put it anywhere (except outside) – battery-powered
  • Crack sticker included to make it look like it’s coming out of the wall
  • Materials: Plastic + LED bulbs
  • Replacement stickers not available through ThinkGeek. Please contact the manufacturer. (You don’t need one now, but you will if you decide to move it.)
  • Batteries: 3 AA (not included)
  • Dimensions: Yoda is 8.3″ tall; Darth Vader is 12″ tall
  • Batteries last 2-3 weeks if shut off during the day
  • Includes night light, crack sticker, and 2 wall plugs and screws

The question now is how long until we get Kylo Ren and Chrometrooper night lights? I feel their presence in the Force. There’s been an awakening….Have you felt it?

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