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Star Wars Death Star Speaker: Lights, Bluetooth, No Lasers

If you are a loud-and-proud Star Wars fan, you may wish that your collectibles would do more than just sit there. ThinkGeek is very direct in addressing those needs, and it has another winner on its hands with the Death Star Bluetooth Speaker.

Yes, it’s an officially licensed product. Yes, it’s accurate via Episode IV. No, it’s not a trap. Considered as one of the best Star Wars gift, the Death Star, which is about 4.5 inches in diameter, comes with Bluetooth technology that hooks up to your phone or iPod and allows you to play whatever you music you want. There’s also a 3.5mm headphone jack to play audio from less conventional sources. The frequency response is between 100Hz and 16Khz.

One of the coolest parts, however, is the inner light that shines out in a very respectable overlay of ports, windows and rings whenever the music is playing. This Death Star speaker thus gives a subtle indication that it’s on in the daylight, and acts as a fun little glowing speaker unit in the dark.

ThinkGeek is quick to remind us all that, unfortunately for you and fortunately for others around your desk, there is no concave dish composite beam superlaser. This probably helps with the price, which is very competitive for a wireless Bluetooth speaker at $69.99. But with the ability to stream music up to 30 feet away, you may have to disable the tractor beam to keep other listeners from hovering. What, you think you have a better Star Wars joke to make about the speaker? Go for it.

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