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Turn Your Bathroom Into The Star Trek Transporter Room

Star Trek Transporter Room Bath Mat and Shower Curtain Set

Have you ever wanted to have your own Star Trek Transporter Room in your house? Well your wish can now come true…well, sort of. Although it’s not a real transporter room that will beam you anyplace you’d like, this one will have your bathroom looking like one with this unique bath mat and shower curtain set. As officially licensed Star Trek merchandise, the set is designed to look like the transporter room from  Star Trek: The Original Series. It’s a ThinkGeek exclusive that has the transporter room background on the shower curtain and the platform in the rug so you can pretend your beaming down to another planet every time you enter the shower and let the water make it look as if you’re dematerializing. The curtain is made from  100% polyester while the bath mat is made from 100% polyester pile. The set includes: the shower curtain, 12 shower rings and bath mat with the curtain measuring 72″ square and the bath mat is 26″ diameter. The set is $49.99.

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