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Stanley Classic Easy Fill Wide-Mouth Flask Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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When you’re heading outdoors, having a strong drink for a night or several is a comforting experience. But of course, you’ll need a good flask to carry with you—something that can handle the rugged outdoors. Rust-proof and made of durable steel, the Stanley Classic Easy Fill Wide-Mouth Flask is the best flask for the job.

Why We Like It – Stanley Classic Easy Fill Wide-Mouth Flask

Its wide mouth design lends to easy drinking and easy pouring while the BPA-free stainless steel material keeps your favorite fire water sealed inside.

  • BPA-free stainless steel
  • Has a lanyard cap
  • Good for the outdoors
  • Cold beverage will make it sweat
  • Plastic seal


The steel of the Stanley Classic Easy Fill Wide-Mouth Flask really came in handy in the outdoors. Its durable nature was more than capable of being dropped and used regularly—especially outside. This is because the steel is also wrapped in a texture material that helps with grip. The Outzie American flag flask review also describes an outdoor flask that is great for fishing, hiking, and even camping.

As durable as it is, the steel is slightly thinner than your average classic flask, like the Top Shelf Stainless Steel Flask. If you pour a chilled liquid inside, the flask will sweat, unfortunately. How about getting a flask that preserves the taste of your favorite drink? Read about it in the Filson flask review.


The Stanley Classic Easy Fill Wide Mouth Flask makes a lot of good design choices, but also some troublesome ones. Starting with the good, the various finishes like hammertone green are very appealing to the eyes and its wide mouth opening integrated lanyard made it easy to clean to a backpack and pour when needed.

Unfortunately, the flask has a plastic cap. We didn’t have a problem with leaking but using the cap over and over again would leave behind tiny plastic flecks inside, a similar issue we had with the YWQ Hip Black Matte.


The Stanley Classic Easy Fill Wide-Mouth Flask overall is a good flask. It’s durable, BPA-free stainless steel serves itself well in the wilds and the lanyard cap provides a way to hand your flask when not needed. The rest of its design is what sets it back. Finding plastic inside your drink isn’t good, at all. We can recommend this flask, but only if you have crafting experience and can replace the plastic flask with something else; otherwise you’re better off getting a Gifts Infinity 8 oz Hip Stainless Flask.

Stanley Classic Easy Fill Wide-Mouth Flask Wrap Up

Going out on an adventure with a Stanley Classic Easy Fill Wide-Mouth Flask wasn’t a negative experience—when plastic wasn’t inside your drink, that is. Its BPA-free stainless steel was durable and withstood the test of nature, though cold drinks tend to sweat. And when not being used, it could dangle on the lanyard cap.

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