Standing desks are all about being healthy, right? Haven’t we all heard how dangerous sitting is, how it creates problems with blood flow, and how standing is so much better? Well, it looks like science isn’t ready to agree with that quite yet. The subject is controversial, but if you believe that standing is better, check out the best standing desk converters.

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Just ask the Finnish Institute of Occupational, which analyzed the studies of chair/standing health in a project headed by Dr. Jos Verbeek. Verbeek found that, essentially, there was no evidence that standing at your desk (even the best standing desks of 2016) is any better than sitting at your desk. Or more specifically, there were lots of studies, but none of them were very scientific.

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The report sited studies that were too small, had poor use of randomized controls, looked at the wrong things, or studied people for far too short a time to form conclusions. In other words, Verbeek has determined that the risks associated with sitting are based more on pop cultural assumptions than any real scientific work.

In fact, standing holds some dangers of its own: Other research has shown it may cause issues with enlarged veins or back problems. In fact, when you come right down to it looks like we can’t really say for sure which is more dangerous.

Before the desk industry and our collection of the top standing desks of 2016 can blush any harder, we should point out that 1)standing at out desk will burn more calories than sitting, even if its only a few more calories a day for those who don’t move around much and 2)standing could still be healthier than sitting, we just don’t know for sure yet – more rigorous research is required.

Ultimately, the best solution here may be a standing desk that can revert back to a sitting desk and allow you to switch back and forth throughout the day, much like we are now used to taking 15-minute breaks throughout the day. If you are interested in one of these changeable standing desks, check out our best standing desk reviews of 2018 to see which is the most adaptable.

Lastly, if you really are looking to improve your health, always, always start from the inside out. It might be a cliche but seriously, “you are what you eat”.

If you’re a child of the 80s you’ll probably remember those daytime commercials. The aforementioned should have been drilled into your head.

However, not all plants equate to blissful health and well being. What do we mean? Simple. Lectins are a sticky thing and if you juice, blend or just eat lots of veggies, especially nightshades, you’ll want to review Lectin Shield and add it to your diet.

It will maximize your gut health and subsequently, you’ll then be able to stand for longer periods of time and with more regularity. Why? Lectins, in short, can contribute to stomach issues, such as a leaky gut and those alike.

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