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Updated August 30, 2022

As more office workers look to improve their daily life, they consider whether a standing desk vs a stability ball is better for them. The best standing desks and exercise balls increase activity, movement, and calorie burn with moderate use throughout the day.


  • Standing desks and stability balls both combat the effects of a sedentary lifestyle associated with office work.
  • Exercise balls activate more muscles than the average office chair or standing desk, but a height-adjustable standing desk results in decreased back pain and improved health.
  • Both solutions should be used in moderation with gradually increasing activity.

However, you should note the significant differences in posture, discomfort, and ease of use between a yoga ball and a standing desk. If neither of these options fit your needs, consider the differences between a standing desk vs a walking desk.

Benefits of a Standing Desk vs a Yoga Ball

Standing desks and exercise balls provide excellent opportunities to increase muscle activity throughout the day, resulting in an increase in burned calories and muscle use. While a standing desk is exactly what it sounds like, an exercise ball requires you to balance on top of a ball as you sit rather than actively perform exercises.

Insider Tip

An adjustable standing desk lets you sit or stand whenever you want to.

When you use either of these methods, you ought to start gradually incorporating them since they affect your posture, comfort, and circulation differently. If you don’t want to stand all day (and you shouldn’t), you may also want to learn about an adjustable height standing desk vs a desk riser or desk converter.

Improved Posture

Standing desks set at the right height can have a positive influence on your posture. When you work at a sitting desk, you may notice a tendency to slouch over and lean closer to the monitor. This can happen if you’re using a stool vs a standing desk chair. If your standing desk is set to the correct level for your height, it will cause you to stand straighter. However, you most likely need either a monitor tray to raise your monitor or laptop or a keyboard tray to lower your keys so that they also aid your improved posture.

One study that compared a stability ball to a traditional office chair found that there was no significant change in posture between the two. Although the stability ball affects the pelvic tilt and spine muscles, each change is virtually insignificant. In this case, an ergonomic chair may be better for your workstation over extended periods.

Enhanced Comfort

One of the biggest problems with today’s workspaces is the discomfort caused by sitting all day. Because this product improves posture when set up correctly, standing desks have been shown to decrease back pain, while slightly increasing weight loss and calorie burn for your health.

Unfortunately, you may experience discomfort if you stand too much, including foot pain and back pain. To negate this effect, invest in an anti-fatigue mat and a height-adjustable surface.

With an exercise ball, you might decrease your back pain with the right posture and desk height. However, these options result in an increase in lower back pain with overuse, though they strengthen your core muscles more than a standing desk.

Blood Circulation

Standing for long periods of time causes blood to pool in your feet, a result of poor circulation. Some experts suggest an anti-fatigue mat to help combat this issue, but you should move around once in a while to get your blood flowing. You should also sit for about twice the number of minutes that you stand. You may want a stool or high chair to sit on occasionally if you don’t have an adjustable desk.

Although a stability ball causes your muscles to contract in your core, hips, and legs when you sit correctly, poor posture can cause decreased circulation to your lower extremities. When you sit, your upper and lower legs should form a 90-degree angle to allow for proper blood flow.

If you notice your legs fall asleep frequently, adjust your position. You may also want a traditional office chair or stool, so you aren’t having to work your muscles too much and save energy. Some stability balls can cause injury if the proper size is not used or you lose your balance. However, to better improve blood circulation in the legs, you might want to invest in a bike desk over a standing desk.


A stability ball can lead to increased lower back pain if overused.


What is a standing desk?

A standing desk provides the opportunity for office workers to stand throughout the day instead of sitting. The best standing desks are height-adjustable so that the user can either sit or stand.

What is an exercise ball?

An exercise ball, like those used for yoga, requires that you balance on top of a large ball while sitting, increasing your muscle activity.

How do you clean an exercise ball chair?

You should wipe the chair and the ball with clean water and soap. If you cannot get all the dirt off, use a diluted cleaning solution.

STAT: [A standing desk] increases pressure cartilage in the knees, hips, and balls of the feet. (source)

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