Standing Desk vs Desk Riser

Updated: Aug 30, 2022 3:38 PM
Standing Desk vs Desk Riser

If you’ve decided to make the shift to a standing desk and are considering a height-adjustable standing desk vs a desk riser, there are a few pros and cons to both that you should know.


  • Desk risers are far less expensive than height adjustable standing desks and allow you to keep your current desk in use.
  • A height-adjustable standing desk will often be sturdier and have a higher load capacity than a desk riser, which may need additional parts to support heavier CPUs or monitors.
  • A desk riser is lightweight and won’t damage your current desk, they’re also easy to remove and use on another desk at any time.

The best standing desk may not be an ideal fit for you. You’ll want to choose a standing desk depending on your budget, the size of your laptop or CPU, and a few other factors. Knowing everything you can about both will help you make the best decision for your home workspace or office. You may also want to look at the differences between a single motor vs. a dual motor standing desk.

Differences Between a Desktop Riser vs a Standing Desk

Put simply, a desk riser or standing desk converter allows your traditional “sitting” work desk to be converted into a standing desk. There are several reasons a desk riser may be a better option for you than a brand new standing desk, including cost and versatility, but a new standing desk may also be best for extra heavy loads and overall longevity. You may also want to look at the benefits of a standing desk vs. a stability ball while you’re exploring your options. For a comparison of brands, check out our mashup of the Vivo vs Veridesk standing desks.

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Desk risers can be a good solution for people who want to switch between standing and sitting during work without having to have two separate desks.


One of the biggest reasons that you may opt for a desk riser to convert your current desk rather than buy a dedicated standing desk is cost. A desk riser can be had for a fraction of the cost of even an entry-level standing desk, making it an easier decision if you’re unsure about how great your need is for a standing desk.

Load Capacity

While desk risers are versatile and relatively inexpensive, they rarely have the same load capacity as standing desks. While a desk riser alone may be enough for many users, if you’ve got a laptop, display, or CPU on the heavier side, you may need to purchase an additional part to support the desk riser, which can somewhat negate the benefit of a desk riser’s lower cost.


Buying a standing desk means your current desk may become obsolete, and if you decide to keep it, you’ll lose significant space in your home office. A desk riser allows you to convert your current desk into a standing one, and most desk risers are easy enough to install and remove that you can use them on multiple desks or remove them if you want to sit.


Desk risers often have lower load capacities than equivalent standing desks. If you’re using a large CPU or two monitors, check on a product’s load capacity before making a decision.


How much space do desk risers allot for a keyboard and mouse?

It depends on the design of the specific model. However, desk risers are generally designed for laptops first. While many will accommodate a mouse and keyboard, it’s a good idea to check the measurements of a specific model to confirm that it will work.

Can you use a standing desk converter with two monitors?

Many desk converters will support more than one monitor, as will most standing desks. However, to be sure, you should always check that the weight of the two monitors doesn’t exceed the maximum weight capacity of the desk riser. Otherwise, you may have to purchase an additional part to support the extra weight safely.

Is standing at your desk healthy?

Standing desks and sit-stand desks were introduced to the market in response to many studies that showed long periods of sitting increased the risk of serious back and neck pain and other major health issues significantly. Some studies have also shown increased productivity in standing desk users.

STAT: A recent study showed that people who stood during work were up to 45% more productive than those who sat. (source)

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