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Stainless Steel Vs. Aluminum Coffee Maker

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Updated August 28, 2022

Comparing a stainless steel vs an aluminum coffee maker is easy. Both are fine options, but there is one durable metal that makes any coffee lover’s heart pitter-patter. We’ll lay out the differences between these two below so that you can start making cups of coffee that make sense for your taste buds.


  • The aluminum Moka pot has a lower threshold for retaining heat. Aluminum exposure may also leave coffee with a bitter taste.
  • Stainless steel models heat up over a more extended period of time. They are also heavier than the aluminum Moka pot counterparts.
  • When brewing coffee in a Moka pot, keep in mind that metal type will determine overall quality more reliably than the quality of ground coffee you use.

For some, the best coffee maker might be a coffee percolator. For others, electric models make the perfect cup of coffee. No matter your preferences, the Moka pot is an eye-catching option that will please almost any palette.

Comparing Types of Stovetop Espresso Makers

This style of espresso maker is called a Moka Pot. Originally created in the Yemeni city of Moka, they have become widely popular all over the world.

Insider Tip

Clean out your filter basket regularly to avoid getting coffee grounds in your delicious coffee.

When it comes to Moka pots, metal type matters greatly. Of course, factors like the quality of ground coffee and brew time still matter. These factors just matter a little less since each metal type on today’s chopping block has its quirks and characteristics.

On that note, there are far more options if you don’t like either on the table today. Looking into the comparison between a pour-over coffee maker vs a French press will shed light on the different coffee maker models on the market.

Metallic Taste in Finished Coffee

Fixing yourself a cup of delicious coffee shouldn’t end with a metallic, bitter taste. Unfortunately, one of the effects of aluminum is the chance of flavor disruption. While this is less likely to happen with a high-quality Moka pot, there’s always a chance.

Beyond the Moka pot, there are multiple options to choose from. Comparing stainless steel vs glass French Press coffee makers will help you understand more about your options.

Requirements for Heat Source

The most significant difference between aluminum and stainless steel is the surfaces you can use them on. Aluminum models are limited in range, with most packaging specifying whether you can use them on gas stovetops or electric stoves. On the other hand, the stainless steel pot is fit for any type of stove.

When it comes to being the superior stovetop coffee maker, stainless steel comes out ahead once more. Plus, check out our comparison content of the Bialetti Venus vs Brikka.

Heat Conduction

Lastly, we have a section closely related to the previous one. Either metal type will work as a heat conductor, but differently. An aluminum pot is a fantastic heat conductor. However, it will lose heat quickly once removed from your stove.

A stainless steel Moka pot holds heat well even after removal from the source, but it takes a longer time to heat in the first place. As far as the differences between aluminum and stain steel models go, their heat conduction is big.


Even if your Moka pot has a heat-resistant handle, use hand protection when picking it up. That way, you won’t accidentally touch the heated middle chamber.


Is a Bialetti Moka pot safe to use?

The Bialetti Moka brand consistently creates fantastic models. Their Italian coffee makers are as safe as they can be, understanding that all brew methods carry risk. Bialetti includes multiple safety features, including safety valves.

How do you know when your Moka pot finishes brewing?

Your cup of coffee is ready when you hear your pot start gurgling. As with all brew methods, it’ll take time to perfect the art. From coffee beans to coffee cups, it should take around five minutes to brew coffee.

What is the best type of Moka pot?

Coffee connoisseurs agree that the Bialetti Moka Express is a fantastic model for brewing fresh coffee. While electric models are still more widely popular, the batches of coffee a Bialetti Moka Express makes are undeniably delicious.

How can I make espresso-like coffee at home?

A drip coffee maker will never be able to recreate what espresso machines are capable of. Fortunately, an aluminum Moka model can make up for what they lack. Aluminum espresso makers can brew coffee and make espresso.

STAT: Even under the worst-case scenario of washing the Moka pots in a dishwasher, the uptake amounts to only 4% of TWI. (source)

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