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SPT, otherwise known as Sunpentown is a Taiwanese appliance manufacturing company that’s known for producing a wide range of appliances. Their products might not be as well known in Europe or the United States, but they do represent a comfortable balance between value and affordability. Take the SPT SF-48LB evaporative air cooler for example. Most evaporative air coolers of its size and cooling capacity tend to retail at about $400, but you’ll get it with about $330 and some spare change. Think it could be the best outdoor air conditioner for you? Go ahead and read through this review to find out.

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Why We Like It – SPT SF-48LB Heavy Duty Evaporative Air Cooler

The SPT SF-48LB Heavy Duty Evaporative Air Cooler is a very convenient air conditioner to use, and it fits the description to be used either indoors or outside. It’s got a low power consumption level at 140 Watts, a sleep mode for energy efficient functioning at night, and auto swing louvres for more efficient air distribution.

  • Auto swing louvres for more efficient air distribution
  • Sleep mode for increased energy efficiency at night
  • Can be connected to a standard hose for continuous water supply
  • No WiFi for smartphone control


The SPT SF-48LB evaporative air cooler bears 2 in 1 functionality, where it is capable of both cooling and humidifying an area of up to 260 square feet in size. This places it in the same category as the Luma Comfort EC110S, with the major differences between them being their form factors. The SPT SF-48 heavy duty indoor outdoor evaporative air cooler also features a honeycomb cooling pad, which provides for it the maximum cooling efficiencies that result in cooler, moisturised air.

Energy Efficiency

Evaporative air coolers are known to be a lot more energy efficient mainly because their functioning doesn’t really depend on a lot of electricity. The fan is the only thing that needs just a bit of electricity to function, unlike in air conditioners where the compressor requires a good amount of electricity to work. In the event that you may want to have the SPT SF-48LB indoor outdoor evaporative air conditioner consume even less power, you might want to consider using its in built timer so that you’re able to set what time it should turn on or off.


To make sure that the air that’s disseminated from the SPT SF-48LB heavy duty indoor outdoor evaporative cooler is fresh, it features a photocatalytic filter that you should easily be able to remove and clean when the need be. The filter on the newair portable air conditioner however is capable of preventing dust from getting widely distributed, as well as eliminating any bad odours from the air.


The SPT SF-48LB indoor outdoor evaporative air cooler is well built to withstand any drastic weather conditions, so there shouldn’t be any reason to worry if you happened to have left it outside and it got rained on. Unlike the typical air conditioner, it’ll easily withstand any adverse weather conditions, while still being suitable for indoor use. The evaporative cooler is backed by a 1 year warranty, so incase you come across any issues with its cooling performance while still new, don’t hesitate to reach out to SPT’s customer service team.


The 3 dimensional cooling structure of the honeycomb cooling pad does well to add to the general cooling surface area of the air cooler, making it more efficient significantly improving its performance. Just like the Hessaire MC18M evaporative air cooler, the SPT SF-48LB also comes with a remote control to allow for convenient operation, but what it does not have is Wi Fi connectivity, so you won’t be able to control it from your phone through an app.

SPT SF-48LB Heavy Duty Evaporative Air Cooler Wrap Up

The SPT SF-48LB air cooler is way more energy efficient than an air conditioner simply because it doesn’t have a compressor inside, and this means reduced energy costs. The evaporative cooler also has a water level window for you to see how much of the water remains, and up to 3 different fan speeds for you to choose from.

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