Sprint Wants to Cut Your Phone Bill in Half, Permanently

Would you like to cut your phone bill in half? Sprint wants to help in one of the biggest phone plan deals in history: The company is accepting new customers from AT&T and Verizon and cutting their previous bills in half, in perpetuity.

The key words there are, of course, “in perpetuity.” Yes, this is no 6-month deal that will see your bills jump up to their previously unpleasant levels. When Sprint says half off, it means it. As long as you keep using Sprint on your current plan, uninterrupted, the company plans on keeping those halved prices.

The math is pretty simple. Submit your current bill to Sprint and tell them you want to switch. The Sprint deal will match your current data plan, offer unlimited talk and text minutes, and then divide your bill amount by 2. If you are paying $120 per month for a plan now, you would be paying $60 a month with Sprint. If you pay $300 for a big family plan, it would drop to $150, and so on.

It does sound a little too good to be true, but keep a few things in mind. First, you have to stick with the plan you currently have. Sprint probably won’t be offering the half-off deal if you want to upgrade your phone services now or in the future. Second, Sprint really, really wants new customers. Thanks to AT&T and Verizon’s marketing wars this past year, Sprint has been steadily losing customers, and is bleeding postpaid subscribers that are flocking to other service providers (it lost more than 330,000 of them over summer).

Maybe the competitor packages sounded better to customers, or people were more impressed with AT&T and Verizon coverage areas. Whatever the reason, Sprint needs to take a stand or risk losing its place as a major contender. It is also offering up to $350 to make up for early termination fees to encourage people to dump their old contracts.

The hands-down half-off deal certainly makes a splash: Will you jump on board when the Sprint deal starts on Friday? Remember, you would have to buy new phones for you and your family members…but maybe you were waiting for a chance to upgrade anyway?

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