Sprint Cuts iPhone 4s Price by $50, All but Confirms iPhone 5

At this point it’s all but officially confirmed with an invite that Apple will hold a press event the week of September 9th.  Our best guess, which really isn’t much of a guess at all, is that they’ll announce the next iPhone that Wednesday, September 12th.  Whether or not that iPhone will be called the “iPhone 5” or the “iPhone 6” remains to be seen, but that might not matter to Sprint customers as the carrier just knocked $50 off the price of every iPhone 4s model and waived the activation fee.

That’s a total savings of $86 on the lowest capacity model!  Not bad considering the standard retail price, as displayed on Apple’s site is still $199.99 plus whatever your carrier’s activation fee is.  Needless to say, the price cut is just further confirmation that Apple will be launching a new iPhone in the coming month, or at the very least announcing it.

Okay, so many will argue that it’s pointless to buy an iPhone 4s from Sprint at this point, especially since a new iPhone will be out in the next 45-60 days.  Aside from a price cut, Sprint is the only carrier to still officially offer unlimited data.  There is a chance that may not be the case with the next iPhone, and purchasing one now might grandfather you in. Yup, we’re reaching, but just a point to consider.  And not to contradict ourselves entirely, Sprint is known for throttling heavy users, so unlimited is really a relative term.

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