Sprint Complete Protection For Smartphone Review

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Updated October 3, 2022
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As a Sprint customer, you just bought the latest and greatest device—now you need the best cell phone insurance to go along. It just so happens there’s Sprint Complete Protection For Smartphone, specifically for Sprint customers. It covers your typical accidental damage, but also delves into the quality of life bonuses you didn’t think you’d want!

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Why We Like It – Sprint Complete Protection For Smartphone

Protect more than just your smartphone with Sprint Complete Protection For Smartphone, with a next-day replacement on lost or stolen devices, repairs, and identity restoration. For more quality cell phone insurance, check out our Samsung Phone Insurance review.

  • Next day replacement on lost, stolen devices
  • Also covers tablets, watches, and more
  • Restoration support if personal information has been breached
  • Limited to Sprint customers
  • You cannot pick your preferred tier

Coverage & Deductible

Like Geek Squad Phone Protection Plan, the Sprint Complete Protection For Smartphone covers the basics: cracked screen repair, loss theft, next-day new device replacement, battery diagnosis, and software repairs and malfunctions. Like the Squaretrade Cell Phone Insurance plan, this plan covers other electronics like tablets, watches, and other tech devices. This is similar to the  Your deductible ranges between $50-275, based on the value of your device, which falls under five tiers—Tier 1 being cheaper and Tier 5 the most expensive. Akko Phone Insurance’s system closely resembles it.

Backup Services

There’s more than an accidental damage protection plan, you also get access to unlimited cloud storage, which you’ll also find on the Protect Your Bubble Phone Insurance plan. This is really nice, considering not all service providers have their own backup data option, nor does everyone want to use Google as a free alternative. That said, if you can get data backup somehow without paying more, it’s a much better option than RMG Group Cell Phone Insurance, as they don’t offer backup services of any sort.

Customer Service

Handling Sprint Complete Protection For Smartphones isn’t provided by Sprint, but rather through Asurion. It’s a third-party company doing the leg work, just as they do with Geek Squad Phone Protection Plan. View of Asurion is generally okay, with a history of 20 years providing insurance service and 13 million reviews averaging 4.8 stars out of 5. The most common issue people express is “jumping through hoops”—as they call it—just to make a claim.

Security Features

Security features come in the form of the Complete Security app, which houses passwords for various platforms like Facebook and Outlook, locked under fingerprint or passcode. It’s effective, especially if you like having an extra layer over top of your phone’s unlock screen.


Sprint Complete Protection For Smartphones is strictly limited to monthly payments. Tier 1 costs $9 per month; Tier 2-4 costs $15 per month; Tier 5 is $19 per month. Unfortunately, you cannot choose your tier. It’s directly tied to the age of your phone, where new phones tend to be under Tier 5, and older phones land somewhere between Tier 1-4. You’re unable to pick your tier. Also, it’s limited to Sprint Customers only. If you’re prone to accidents, then it’s definitely worth it—especially if you have an Apple device due to Spring Complete’s ties to Apple Care. It’ll send you to Apple stores for repairs during the first two years.

Sprint Complete Protection For Smartphone Wrap Up

If you’re already a Sprint customer, then Sprint Complete Protection For Smartphones won’t feel so limiting, especially as an Apple user. And it’s understandable newer phones have a higher insurance cost; it’s like insuring a new driver. What’s nice is it covers more than just your phone, tablets and watchers are included, too, with personal information restoration should that occur.