Sprint And Google Voice Partner, What Does It Mean To You? (video)

Soon Sprint customers will be able to access all of Google Voice‘s features without the hassle of changing their number.  So what does that mean to you, provided of course you’re a Sprint customer?

  • Your number can ring on up to 6 phones
  • Transcribed voicemail
  • Online voicemail that can be accessed via Gmail
  • Low priced international calling
  • Personalized voicemail greetings for different groups – work or business
  • Block callers by telephone number
  • Screen callers – lets you listen in on a voicemail and join the call at any time

So how does it work?  All you need to do is go through a step-by-step form that let’s Google know that you’d like to use your current Sprint number with Google Voice services.  There is no need to notify Sprint or spend any money; Google will automatically notify Sprint to “to provision the necessary services on the network required for the Google Voice integrated experience.”  According to Google it takes just minutes for the change to take place.


So in short order, Sprint customers can use Google Voice’s features on their phone without the hassle of porting their Sprint number to Google voice, a recently offered option that costs $20 and might result in disruption of service.  We couldn’t determine if text messaging would be free, since that is a feature of Google Voice.

No word on an actual launch date, but Google said “soon”.


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  1. Seems like Sprint is going my and the way for free PBX like voice and allot more. Ubiquitious home wifi alone is a huge chunk. Sprint has always been the leader in Android innovation with the hardware and this as it too becomes seamless beyond wifi. Though I will soon become AT&T, yetalways looking to offset costs for a 6″ tablet of my dreams… I tried the TAB as useful and will see in 6 months for likely an Ipad 3 as the dust kicks up…

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