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Forget About Caffeine or Energy Drinks, Sprayable Energy Will Perk Up Your Day

Sprayable Energy

As self-proclaimed caffeine addict, I need at least a cup of Joe a day to function (two on stressful days). I know too much caffeine isn’t good, but if I don’t have at least one cup, I’m a zombie. And I’m not a fan of energy drinks, either, which are also addicting for many. What if we told you that you don’t have to drink coffee or sip on energy drinks to get your energy, but instead simply spay a solution on your body… That’s exactly the idea behind Sprayable Energy – a new caffeine-based product that you spray on your skin to get the same energy boost you’d get from coffee or energy drinks but without the calories, sugar, chemicals or crash.


First launched in 2013 as an Indigogo campaign, the product is now available to the masses. So what’s so special about the spray you might be wondering? Well, the clear, unscented spray enters your system via your skin at a steady rate, providing you the exact amount of energy you need to keep you going for hours. For best results, spray four times at once (Twice on each side of your neck) and adjust if you need more or less energy. Created by a Harvard student, venture capitalist and PhD in chemistry, the spray has less caffeine than that found in a cup of coffee. That’s because it’s not being ingested and isn’t almost entirely metabolized by the liver before entering your system and becoming available to your body, making it completely safe.

Sprayable Energy

After spring it on your neck, it’s supposed to make you feel more awake and focused without being overstimulated (a common side effect with coffee and energy drinks. You can use it up to six dimes a day within four hour, with no more than 24 sprays per day. And if you do go over that 24 spray limit, side effects are similar to that if you drink to ouch coffee. And if you’re still not truly convinced that it’ll help you get throughout the day, there’s a 100% money back guarantee. If your’e interested in substituting your cup of morning coffee for a few sprays of Sprayable Energy, a 2 Pack runs for $30 (each bottle contains 40 doses or 160 sprays).

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  1. Ha! Oh gosh! This is amazing. I wonder if its available in Asia, because I really need this kind of spray. Like seriously, I would stop drinking coffee for this.
    Thanks for sharing this Kristie!

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