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Spotify Video Service Finally Launches

The past two years have seen Spotify continue steady experiments with new features, more content, and generally a more comprehensive foothold in the streaming world. But perhaps nothing has proved more promising than Spotify’s video service plans, and now we finally get to see the result.

Well, “we” is actually Android users – the iPhone crowd will still have to wait for a while. Those who will be able to access the video streaming will be able to tap into bundles of videos that seem to work much like the playlists Spotify already advertises, including a News section, a playlist to watch on your lunch break, and so on. The company has been working with a beta phase of the video service for some time now in order to streamline the service and find out what consumers really wanted to watch.

Spotify Video

Spotify Video will have a streamlined focus on specific playlists.

Content sources for these videos appear diverse. Disney appears onboard, because both ABC and ESPN are delivering videos of their own. BBC and Comedy Central are also willing to provide content. Whether this will be original video or clips from other content already existing is unclear, but the format seems more conducive to watching video clips, much like YouTube. While it looks like some original content videos will exist, they seem more like branding efforts from specific companies rather than entertainment.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the new video service is what it doesn’t have. There won’t be any ads, at least not at first, because Spotify is still trying to encourage new viewers and wants its video service to be broadly adopted. There’s no word of wait times or other hoops when picking out certain videos or watching them over and over. Finally, for Spotify, there’s no indication of how this new video service will actually make any money.

It’s a good idea for consumers, at least in theory, but Spotify no doubt has a close eye on adoption rates. If you use Spotify on an Android device, keep an eye open for video playlists this week.

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