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Sportneer 5-digit Combination Chain Cable Bike Lock Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Established in 2016, Sportneer remains a recent entrant to the bike security space, but with the successful release of the Sportneer bike lock, they’ve certainly proven that they’re a strong force to reckon with. The 5 digit combination chain lock is a formidable manganese steel bike lock that is about 0.27-inches thick, and has a decent length of about 3.2 feet. The bike chain lock offers keyless convenience, meaning you won’t need to carry a key around as you would with a normal U-Lock. All you have to do is take note of the 5 digit resettable combination code and you’ll be good to go. Feel like this could be a nice switch up from the bike lock cable that you’re using? Let’s see how it compares with the others on our best bike lock list. For another set of quality bike accessories, you should also read our review of the Mybell: a bike horn, and light that’s customizable.

Why We Like It – Sportneer 5-digit combination chain cable bike lock

This Sportneer bicycle lock is guaranteed to keep your bike secure, and unlike most cable locks, it comes with a keyless secure lock that’ll only need you to always remember your code. The sawed long cable is coated with zinc to prevent scratching, and comes with a black cover to keep it looking good when used on your bike. And if by chance you’re someone who’s interested in trike drifting, take a look at our review of the 5 things worth knowing about the Verrado drifting trike.

  • Keyless
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Easy to set up
  • Doesn’t secure both wheels


One of the things that makes the Sportneer bike chain lock stand out from a lot of other bike locks is definitely its 5 digit combination lock. It would simply take too much time to sit down and try all the 100,000 different combinations, making it nearly impossible to crack. Because this doesn’t seem like it could work, a thief may try to cut the chain using a sharp object, but they’ll be met with disappointment since the durable cut resistance cable will still not give way. It’s lock mechanism is solid and doesn’t feel cheap, and it’s keyless secure lock feature is pretty convenient especially if you would tend to lose your keys every now and then with locks like the Via Velo Bike U Lock.


There’s not much to say about the design of the Sportneer bicycle lock. It’s a simple bicycle chain lock that comes covered in zinc-plated coating to prevent scratching, with an 0.27-inch thick woven magnesium steel chain inside that has a very high cut resistance for complete anti theft protection. The high resistance cable has its default code set to 00000, so you’ll want to set your new code by opening the lock and turning the inner knob at a 90-degree angle just like with the Titanker 4-Feet Combination Bike Lock Cable. Once you’re done, turn it back, and you’ll have set your new 5 digit resettable combination. The set reset easy process for the combination long flexible cable allows you to change the working combination whenever you want, unlike some chain cable locks or U-locks (e.g the Kryptonite New York Standard Heavy-Duty Bicycle U Lock) that may need you to communicate with the manufacturer once you lose all your keys.


Tying this cable lock to your bike frame should be pretty easy given its length of 3.2 feet. You may also want to explore the Sigtuna Foldable Hardened-Steel Bike Lock which has steel bars that can extend up to 60 cm, enough to secure two bikes.  As for this Sportneer lock, all you have to do is loop it through a tire, or wrap it around a pole or a bike rail so that it’s properly secured.  In case you completely forget your code and need to reset the combination lock, the team at Sportneer advises that you email them, and they should be able to help you sort things out. As we’ve found out through some of the customer reviews on their page at Amazon, this might even mean them sending you a brand new Sportneer lock cable, though we’re not sure if the same might happen if you get into problems with the SIGTUNA Bike Locks Heavy-Duty U Lock.

Sportneer 5-digit combination chain cable bike lock Wrap Up

The Sportneer bicycle chain cable is a secure lock that you can fully rely on to keep your bicycle safe, and prevent it from being tampered with by anyone that’s not you. The chain cable has a reliable lock mechanism that’ll take nearly 100,000 guesses of possible codes making it a waste of time for any smart thief to sit down and start picking.

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