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If mountains aren’t your environment and you’d rather zip around on rough terrain or pavement, the best folding electric bike is squaring up to be the Speedrid Folding Ebike. With its powerful 500W brushless motor, you’ll take to the streets at 24mph. And don’t worry about your brakes; it uses a dual-disc brake system, offering awesome stopping power.

Why We Like It – Speedrid Folding Ebike

Built for pavement as equally as off-road performance, the Speedrid Folding Ebike’s fat tires and 500W brushless motor offer 24mph of speed, with a dual-disc brake system for superior braking power.

  • Max speed of 24mph
  • Powerful 500W brushless motor
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Headlight is dinky

Durability & Build Quality

Unlike other bikes, the Speedrid Folding Ebike doesn’t stop with its high strength carbon steel frame with equally strong front fork shock absorption. It applies similar strength to the rims by introducing double layer aluminum alloy. Both of those factors are necessary due to its folding design. However, it’s a bit on the heavy side at 59 lbs.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

Above all else, Speedrid Folding Electric Bikes does its name justice by being one of the best throttle electric bikes. The Speed Professional 6 enjoys six speeds, with a 500W brushless electric motor. With so much power, it can top off its speed at 24mph. That’s just a few miles above the NAKTO Folding Electric Bike.

Range & Battery

The range and performance of the lithium ion battery does sway back and forth depending on the working modes you use. If you use, for example, pedal assist mode, you’ll get closer to 22 miles per charge. If you use let the bike do the work—no pedaling involved—you’ll get around 15 miles. It would have benefitted from a high quality lithium battery, better than what it has here.

Safety Features

Speedrid Electric Bicycles come with only a few useful safety features. For starters, the folding frame doesn’t come apart on you, thanks to its locking mechanism. The headlight, however, is dinky and not entirely bright; it’s weak. More importantly, the dual-disc brake system is so good on e bikes, we’re glad it was used. This gives it superior stopping power over linear systems. And it’s better in the weather!


Are Speedrid Folding Electric Mountain Bikes with $850? It depends on what you want from it. Do you want to climb mountains? The Shueriu Folding Bike is more your speed: the Speedrid just isn’t cut out as a bike electric mountain. But for commuting and off-road fun? The Speedrid Folding Ebike shines. Its 24mph comes in handy, as does its 19 mile battery life. Not to mention a designated area for a basket in the back. Or would you rather pay $1500 for the eAhora x7, which isn’t that large of an upgrade?

Speedrid Folding Ebike Wrap Up

The Speedrid Folding Electric Bike justifies its price with a powerful brushless motor and tough build. This beautifully compliments its dual-disc brake system and 24mph top speed. We only wish the headlight wasn’t so small to make it much easier to use at night; otherwise it’s a solid choice for commuters or for fun.

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