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For the sake of convenience and terrain variety, the best electric bike for seniors could be the Speedrid Electric Bike. It features a foldable design that folds in two places; easy to store, transport and carry. Its fat tires and 22mph maximum speed made it a joy to ride off-road or through a quiet park.

Why We Like It – Speedrid Electric Bike

The Speedrid Electric Bike has a foldable design for easy carrying, storage, and transporting—which is great considering you can take it anywhere, while hitting top speeds of 20mph.

  • 500W brushless motor; top speed of 22mph
  • Folds for easy storage, transport, and carrying
  • Built-in rear rack
  • 22 miles per charge
  • Long charging time

Durability & Build Quality

With an aluminum alloy frame, you’re sacrificing a bit of strength for a more lightweight build. To add strength, it’s design is built to maximize. The front fork, however, is built with high quality high strength carbon steel. Handles have soft, malleable rubber coverings. The pedals have decent grip, but nothing fancy.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

Under the hood is a 500W brushless electric motor with a 7-speed professional transmission. If you need high speeds, kick it up to 22mph with or without pedal assist’s extra electric assist power. That’s more than the Electrobike Gama Cruise can offer.

Range & Battery

Unfortunately, these Speedrid Electric Bikes have a 36V/12.5ah lithium battery that can only travel for 22 miles on a single charge. You’d have to wait 8 hours just to ride it again (if the battery is drained). On the bright side, it is a removable battery—so replace it ASAP.

Safety Features

Since off-roading is an option, the Speedrid E Bike is fitted with fenders to block any debris or water that might travel your way. While the front and rear disc brakes are solid, they’re very touchy out of the box. Get them adjusted when you can at a bike shop or do it yourself. There’s also a decent LED light for nighttime riding.


The Speedrid Electric Bike is a solid bike all around, except for its battery. But we really can’t argue with a price like that. It’s at such an affordable price you can replace the battery and you’d still be below the asking price of the E-Joe Angunn Electric Comfort Bike. It has great speed, the torque is nice and punchy when you’re off-roading, and the option to haul with the rear rack is always appreciated. If all-out performance is what you want, check out the VoltBike Elegant.

Speedrid Electric Bike Wrap Up

The Speedrid Electric Bike is an ideal choice for newcomers to eBikes and seniors; it’s affordable and largely focuses on performance. Its 500W motor can hit 22mph, but not for long given its weak battery. Thanks to its foldable design, packing it up for a beach day is a cinch.

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