Speed Queen TR3000WN Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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88 Expert Rating

If you’re on the market for a simple yet powerful washing machine, one you can set and walk away, one that can handle a large load of laundry—the best washing machine for the job is the Speed Queen TR3000WN Top Loader. It features 3.2 cu ft capacity and a full range agitator to really scrub away the dirt and grime from your clothes. If you also want some help with some smaller loads, you might also want to read our review of the Drumi Can: wash small loads with just your foot to power it.

Why We Like It – Speed Queen TR3000WN Review

Featuring a full range agitator and motor, the Speed Queen TR3000WN is one of the most powerful and capable washers on our list, with a 3.2 cubic feet capacity to boot.

  • Uses a full range agitator
  • Large 3.2 cu ft capacity
  • Excellent 3 year warranty
  • Too few wash options
  • Expensive

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With every load, it was clear the new Speed Queen Model TR3000WN Stainless Steel Washer did an excellent job at cleaning clothes. This new one has a wash system that isn’t too comprehensive, only featuring 4 wash cycle options, though options such as temperature and extra rinse are available. For more options, consider the Panda Compact Washing Machine. There’s too few wash options but enough to keep unique clothes clean. At the same time, the lack of complicated controls can be a boon to many. Settings such as the full tub wash and auto fill make it so you set it once and leave it alone.


The Speed Queen TR3000WN is a top loader, and much larger in size than the Panda Compact Washing Machine. Throwing laundry into top loaders is done slightly differently than front load washers. As the name suggests, clothes are placed in at the top of top load washers just like the Super Deal Portable Twin Tub, as opposed to a door in the front, like with front loaders. This is not a washer dryer combo, however—strictly a washer. Inside is a durable stainless steel tub. Its heavy duty, commercial grade steel tub can take a beating like none of the other washing machines can.


Speed Queen washers have always put performance and quality above everything else, and still make new machines to this day. As expensive as this new washer is, it’s still one of the best washers on our list, due to how well it can clean clothes. Is it portable? No. Is it small? Not even close. But what the Speed Queen Top Load Washer will do is being a wonderful addition to your home, provided you have the space for it.

But if space is a concern, you might get better value out of the Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub. It washes, dries, and is compact; you can plop it right in an RV.

Speed Queen TR3000WN Review Wrap Up

The Speed Queen TR3000WN isn’t packed with tons of features and options. To some, that can be a problem given its $899 price tag. But it still offers the essentials. In return, however, you’re getting a powerful washer to scrub your clothes clean, thanks to its 3.2 cu ft capacity and full range agitator. And hey, the 3 year warranty is a nice deal.

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