Specialized Roubaix Sport Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Are you someone who’s extremely excited about riding bikes, and someone who’s interested to step into the lavish end of bikes? Well, for those of you who are, and even for those who already have some pretty expensive bikes, the Specialized Roubaix Sport bike is one that you’ll love thanks to its Rider-first design and a whole lot of other features which include the new Future Shock Suspension 1.5. And so, with all that and the Shimano 11-speed Gear shift, the Specialized Roubaix Sport stands out to be one of the top-rated bikes for both commuting and racing.

Why We Like It – Specialized Roubaix Sport

Being your stepping stone into the world of lavish and formidable bikes, the Specialized Roubaix Sport Bike comes with an extremely light weight carbon frame and with the new Future Shock 1.5 technology making your riding experience all the more comfortable. It even comes with an 11 speed Shimano Gear shift and more than capable brakes. And so, with all of that and an overall durable and simultaneously aesthetic design, the Specialized Roubaix Sport is a great choice for you bike enthusiasts out there.

  • Ultra Lightweight build
  • Comfortable thanks to the Future Shock technology
  • 11 Speeds and great brakes to adapt to different surfaces
  • Pretty Expensive


Although the light weight frame of the Roubaix Sport is made of FACT 9r carbon fiber instead of the two tier better S-Works, you still get a very light weight bike at just 20 pounds. This is much lighter than the Mongoose Dolomite Mountain Bike and the SixThreeZero Bike. But that much is expected, considering the fact that the Roubaix Sport is made to be a bike meant for those enthusiasts interested in starting out in the racing world of bikes. You should go through our SixThreeZero SixThreeZero Around the Block Bike review if you’d like a much sturdier bike.

Moreover, the new Specialized Roubaix Sport comes with the upgraded Future Shock 1.5 suspension with 20mm of travel on the head tube, taking out much of the vibrations from occasional bumps while also giving you greater control of the bike in rough surfaces. The Specialized Roubaix Sport Bike also provides you with 11 Speeds with the help of the Shimano 105 drivetrain, derailers and the Praxis Alba chainset. This along with the Shimano 105 Hydraulic Brakes make it possible for you to ride through a variety of terrains, accelerating and stopping as you need to. The mechanical shifting also allows you to shift between gears seamlessly without any trouble at all.

Apart from that, the Specialized Roubaix Sport also comes with DT R470 Disc Wheels which are durable and sturdy enough to roll over almost any surface with ease. Covering them are the Specialized Turbo Pro tires on both the front and back, and measuring to be 700x28mm, they provide you with a good enough grip whilst also making sure you can go as fast as you need to.

As for the seatpost on the Roubaix Sport road bikes, you get a carbon seatpost with a single bolt and a seat tube length of 52cm all holding onto a Body Geometry Phenom Comp Saddle which although not the most comfortable, provides you with a good enough ride thanks to the Future Shock suspension.


Having the Rider-First Engineered Design, the Specialized Roubaix Sport comes with a pretty stiff design which varies in size for riders of different heights. Almost similar to the SixThreeZero Around the Block Bike, Specialized allows you to choose from a number of options to get the best fit for you, allowing you to input your height and weight for the best fit. The options range from size 49, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 61 each with different reach and stack lengths to adapt to your own body size. This along with the seat angle of 73.5 degrees and a top tube length of 57.5cm makes for a great fit and a much more comfortable riding experience overall. You may want to check out our Strider 2 in 1 balance awesome review if you’d like to train your kid on how to ride a bike.

Moving onto the colour options, the Specialized Roubaix Sport comes with a number of colours all available on their websites, few of which are : Gloss Carbon/Rocket Red/Black, Gloss Dove Gray/Pro Blue and Gloss Dusty Turquoise/Dove Gray/Black where the colours are divided within the body, chain and branding on the frame. Check out specialized.com for a much better view of each of the respective colours.

However, it isn’t as compact as the Schwinn Loop Folding Bike, but that’s also expected, considering that the Specialized Roubaix Sport is not meant to be compact and rather a road bike. But if you do need a Folding Bike but can’t afford those high priced ones, the Schwinn Folding Bike may just be the perfect fit for you.


Priced at $2200 for the older model and $2900 for the newer one, the Specialized Roubaix Sport Bike isn’t the most affordable bike out there. It comes at a price, but one that is understandable. Standing as a form of gateway for those who want to enter the world of bike enthusiasts and racers, the Specialized Roubaix Sport Road Bike comes with all that it is worth, a great build, some great features ranging from Shock absorbing technology and fast gear shifting, all in a design that was made with the rider in mind. So is it worth the money? Well if you’re someone who’s serious about bikes and probably even racing, the Specialized Roubaix Sport Bike is definitely a great value bike amongst the most lavish bikes out there.

Specialized Roubaix Sport Wrap Up

While you will have to spend a lot on it, Specialized won’t make you regret it. Having fixed their new Future Shock Technology and providing you with a quick and easy gear shifting among 11 different speeds for every situation, the Roubaix Sport Bike is definitely a big step above the Tommaso Bike. You even get a pretty solid design with quite a number of options with colours, but the question that remains in everyone’s mind is whether or not it is worth so much money? Our answer remains the same once again, if you do decide to step into the upper and more intense world of biking, the Specialized Roubaix Sport is a great place to start, and you can even upgrade certain parts of it along the way as you get better and need better specs.

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