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If you desire a mountain bike of the highest caliber, you have reason enough to thumb through Specialized mountain bikes. One in particular, the Turbon Creo SL, is exceptional when it comes to traversing strange terrain found in mountains and is the best electric bike for it. This is thanks to its powerful motor and excellent battery, aside from its high quality build.

Why We Like It – Specialized Mountain Bike

Specialized Mountain Bikes doesn’t cut corners when it comes to performance, build quality, and materials—and incorporates that philosophy into a bike that puts the power into your hands and feet, all through the rocks and mud. If you love biking in all forms, you should also check out this Google tricycle with street view (camera).

  • Superb power in the motor
  • Surprisingly lightweight
  • Unmatched quality build
  • Very expensive
  • Not for beginners


The Turbo Creo SL really works the motor, and to handle the power, a 240W mid-motor will assist you. It cuts off at around 28mph. Its impressive battery life will have you traversing 80 miles of rough and smooth terrain, though the Elby S1 9-Speed can travel 10 miles more. With that kind of power and long battery life, it can easily be used during group rides, even if the majority are fast riders. In fact, when you remove both the motor and battery, the Turbo Creo is basically your favorite endurance XC bike.


The SL comes with a Shimano Dura Ace Di2 hydraulic disc brakes, making stopping on a dime so sweet and satisfying. The Future Shock full suspension system rocks. To complement it, Pathfinder Pro tires were used, which have a wheel size of 700c, including a dropper post, and 12-degree drop bars. This pairs nicely with its head tube sitting at just the right angle.

What’s so striking is how lightweight the Turbo Creo is, sharing a similarly lightweight frame to its cousin, the Stumpjumper ST. In fact, a common trait of Specialized bikes is lightweight frames without sacrificing strength. You see it with the Epic EVO, Stumpjumper EVO, Turbo Levo, and the simplistic Epic Hardtail.


Innovation comes at a cost, and this Specialized Mountain Bike has one hefty price. I’s very reminiscent of the Gazelle Ultimate T10; sacrifices weren’t made on the parts, hence the expensive cost. However, there’s a cheaper $9000 version manufactured with cheaper materials, the Expert model.

If you’re itching for mountain biking for a lower cost, consider the Merax 26” Aluminum Mountain Bike or NAKTO Fat Tire. Regardless, Specialized doesn’t dabble in entry level mountain bikes all too often, so always expect a heavy price no matter what model of road bikes you look into.

Wrap Up

Even with the jaw-dropping price tag, it’s hard to ignore results like that. Specialized mountain bikes always set bras for trail bikes and what not, while constantly outdoing mountain bikes Specialized has designed in the past. The Turbo Creo doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality, nor does it let the motor choke. When you’re ready for a race bike, you can never go wrong with Specialized bikes.

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