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Updated February 20, 2023

Speaker warranties come with all types of speakers, whether it’s a home theatre system, outdoor speakers, or a car stereo. Warranty contracts provide guarantees to owners that their speakers will be replaced if there any manufacturing defects are discovered. And similar to camera lens warranties, owners can purchase extended warranties that guarantee replacement, even for accidental damages. These contracts outline the extent of coverage and define details surrounding the timing and procedure of fixing any damages.


  • Most speakers come with limited warranties ranging in coverage from 1-5 years,
  • Warranties outline details of when manufacturers will fix or replace your device.
  • Limited warranties cover any manufactural parts defects or workmanship flaws; they do not cover anything outside of that, including accidental damages.
  • Extended warranties may be offered by manufacturers or issued by third parties; these extend the scope of coverage to include accidental or environmental damages.

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What to Know About Speaker Warranties

Speakers are intricate, costly devices, which is why they often come with various warranty options. To start, most speakers come with what’s called a limited warranty. A limited warranty coverage outlines specific conditions where the manufacturer only replaces or repairs the user’s device if it shows material defects. So, for example, if the speaker breaks because faulty wiring is discovered, the warranty repairs would cover the replacement of a user’s device.

Insider Tip

Always research the warranty of your specific speaker model before purchasing; only then can you know the details surrounding your coverage period.

It’s also important to know that limited warranties entail a finite coverage period. For example, the warranty period for speakers typically lasts between 1-5 years, but it varies by manufacturer. You’ll find a similar setup for a router warranty, but then it also depends on the model you buy.

Then there are extended warranties. These are offered directly through the manufacturer or by a third-party service. Here, users have more freedom in how the contract is set up, meaning they can pay more for additional coverage options. For example, if a user would prefer to take their speaker to get serviced by a particular shop, extended warranties can outline permissibility. Additionally, extended warranties often cover any unintended damage and allow owners to file unlimited claims.

What Do Limited Warranties Not Cover

Most limited warranties that come with speakers will not cover damages sustained under the following conditions:

  • Improper Installation
  • Poor storage or transportation practices
  • Unauthorized repairs or modifications
  • Neglect or misuse
  • Environmental damages


Most warranties state that if the serial number on the speaker has been removed or tampered with, the contract is rendered void.

Essentially, limited warranties will not cover anything that is not the manufacturer’s fault. Likewise, most limited warranties do not cover cosmetic issues, such as chipped paint or a scratched or dented exterior. And lastly, limited warranties almost always stipulate that conditions only apply to the original owner. Therefore, if the speaker is regifted or sold to another person, that warranty becomes void.

STAT: Bose offers an extended 3-year warranty plan for a fee of $39.95 for speakers costing between $200-$299. (source)

Speaker Warranty FAQs

How do companies know if the issue is a manufacturing defect?

Typically, the owner will transport or ship the damaged speaker to a service facility. Then, they will examine it and decide if the issue falls under the limited warranty.

How much do extended warranties cost?

The scope of coverage always determines the final cost of your extended warranty.

Are speakers covered in car warranties?

Coverage depends on your specific warranty. For example, cars often have “bumper-to-bumper” coverage agreements, meaning they cover everything outside typical wear and tear items, like brakes and tires. Sometimes this includes the speakers and stereo system, but it’s essential to check beforehand.
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