Soup3rb Heat Is A Blender That Can Heat And Puree

If you are looking for the best immersion blender, have a look at this unique blender. If you’re a home cook, you’ve probably found yourself dealing with making a soup and keeping it warm while making it silky smooth at the same time. Usually, you have to resort to a stick blender, which, while effective, does also mean you have another dish to clean and you have to hunt the wily lump in many soups and sauces.

Blend It In

It’s actually so brilliant, you find yourself wondering why nobody thought of it. It’s a fairly typical blender, with a 450-watt motor, but the real useful bit is the 800-watt heating element in the bottom that can be activated before you start blending. Need to melt butter? Soften up some veggies? Get milk up to temperature? Flick a switch, add the ingredient, and go.

In other words, no more pots to wash before you make yourself, well, any of a multitude of foods. That, in of itself, is probably worth the low $150 price, but there are some tradeoffs.

Careful Blend


The most obvious is the stainless steel pitcher; you’re not going to see your ingredients blend, although it does have a clear top to let you get an idea of the consistency of your sauce. The second is that the heating element is non-stick, so you’ll need to give it more care when cleaning than a typical blender. But on the other hand, the Soup3rb Heat+Blend, from 3 Squares, is a welcome solution despite the silly name.

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