Soundfreaq SFQ-01 Bluetooth Sound System

With a look that’s completely minimalistic and highly attractive, Soundfreaq’s SFQ-01 will hands down beat the design of your iPad and most any speaker you’ve ever seen or owned, with the exception of some forgotten beauties from decades past.

It’s a Bluetooth system, so it will work with any Bluetooth smartphone. Now, looking at it, it won’t seem like there’s too much audio muscle hidden inside the boxy design, but the SFQ-01’s got Kevlar reinforced 2.75 inch balanced drivers, a dual-port chamber that’s acoustically tuned, and a UQ3 spatial enhancement processor, which means absolutely nothing to me beyond what I can presume based on the name.

But it does sound good. It’s also got a 3.5mm audio jack, FM radio tuner, and you can get the whole thing at Target for $199, sometime later this month.



Target Signed On as Launch Partner in North America

Los Angeles – Soundfreaq announced the launch of Sound Platform, the company’s first product: a wireless, hi-fi speaker, developed with LA-based design firm, Boombang. Launching just in time for the holidays, the Bluetooth-enabled device is equipped out-of-the box to support multiple devices, making it the perfect accessory for the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android and Blackberry.

Target will serve as Soundfreaq’s exclusive mass retail launch partner for North America. The Sound Platform will be featured with the iPad in Target stores nationwide starting November 29 for $199 and will also be available online at

The Sound Platform allows users to multi-task – surf the internet, check emails and text message – while streaming audio directly to the dock. With Bluetooth-enabled devices, users can listen to high quality sound while keeping their iPad or Smartphone exactly where they want it: in their hand.

“The Sound Platform addresses the reality of living in a multi-device, multi-user, multi-tasking world,” said Matthew Paprocki, Boombang co-founder and creative director of Soundfreaq. “We designed Sound Platform to deliver exceptional acoustics that can be enjoyed with any Bluetooth-enabled product – the audio experience is amazing.”

The Sound Platform delivers a robust audio entertainment experience, including:

. Superior Sound Performance – With custom-engineered and Kevlar-reinforced balanced drivers, acoustically tuned dual-port chamber and UQ3 spatial enhancement processor, Soundfreaq delivers big sound with a small footprint.
. More than Music – The Sound Platform delivers a crystal clear audio experience for movies, TV shows, videos, games, Internet radio and apps, including Pandora, YouTube and Netflix.
. Sleek Design – Modern design with a retro influence, Sound Platform complements any room décor – it fits just as well on your nightstand or coffee table as it does in your kitchen, patio or office.
. iPad/iPhone/iPod touch App – Users can download the free Soundfreaq app to turn their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch into the ultimate remote control. Users control what is playing from the speakers via the device while multi-tasking at the same time.
. Compatible for Future Devices – The Sound Platform is designed for today’s wireless devices, as well as future devices with Bluetooth capabilities.

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