Getting a good nights sleep is one of the most important things that you can do for your health, but that’s not always easy in today’s hectic and stress-filled world. That’s why Sound Oasis makes sound machines that will help you to catch some Zzzzzs and get the rest that you need.

Get the Sleep You Deserve

Being well rested will make you feel better, improve your work and generally just make you much happier. One of Sound Oasis’ latest sleep systems is the Advanced Sleep Sound Therapy System.

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This device brings with it clinically proven sleep and relaxation sounds from actual doctors as well as authentic sounds from nature. It also lets you create your own custom sound cards of your favorites. This upgraded machine improves on the sound quality of the previous model because more authentic sounds mean better relaxation and sleep.

It also features the company’s Seamless Sleep Enhance experience which uses advanced sound processing so you don’t even notice that the sounds are gradually slowing, lulling you into sleep. You can choose your perfect mix of up to 25 sounds that you love and download them onto an SD card. Other features include improved alarm settings, a sleek new design, and this version can also be powered by a USB adapter.

Sound Oasis Sleep Sound Therapy System
Get a good night’s sleep.

Better Sleep Means Better Health

Sound Oasis’other new sleep aid is called the Tinnitus Sound Therapy System. This one gives you a great selection of sounds for Tinnitus relief and again, you can customize the sound list to your liking.

You’ll find the same high-quality sound in this model as well as the Seamless Sleep Enhance experience along with the ability to download sounds onto SD.

If a good night’s sleep has been eluding you, let Sound Oasis tuck you in. They may not have a bedtime story to tell you or a warm glass of milk, but the sounds that these devices deliver will be just as good.

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