The best solar panels can keep the juice flowing. Don’t be sh*t out of luck when a huge disaster or emergency strikes and causes an electrical outage…which is exactly what Sun Flare Systems hopes to avoid with their SOS in a Box: a totally portable (and ultra-high efficient) solar power generator. Now, your best battery box can be set to the side for solar energy. It can produce up to 800-2,500 Watts of household electricity on demand for when an emergency strikes. The patent-pendng solar powered backup generator system provides instant solar electrical power in any outage or disaster so you have a virtually endless supply of electricity. If you want another way to be able to charge your phone while you’re on your next camping trip, you might also want to read our review of the Blue Freedom: a handheld hydropower plant.

The kit consists of three main components that work together to create a very efficient home power plant, including the generator backup, high efficiency solar panel(s)s and the charge controller. The solar kit works better than any gas generator because in an emergency, gas stations can’t pump gas without electricity, so it’s a waste of a generator! Even a few gallons stored in a gas can means a little electricity for a little while before it gives out, which won’t happen with a solar kit like this.

The Sun Flare Systems SOS in a Box comes in four different models that all provide reliable power when you need it most. Their lowest model is the Marine RV Line for $1,080 that provides 75 Watts of PV power with 25amp MPPT charge controller, with external battery terminals for those consumers who already have their own battery systems and inverters. Their Economy Line sells for $1,348 and features 75 Watts of PV power complete with 800 Watt 110/120 60hz power inverter, 25amp MPPT charge controller, all built in with a 18Amph battery for lite overnight power use. The Commercial Grade is $2,248 and provides double the PV solar power at 150Watts, 1000watt 110/120 60hz inverter, 25amp MPPT charge controller, and with an increased 36Amph battery, but it’s their Military Grade version that’ll provide the best quality! Price isn’t listed, which means it’s probably pretty expensive.



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  1. Like most solar powered systems it’s expensive, inefficient and a waste of money. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to use this product – seek help immediately as this solar based system will only work for a short period of time and only be able to power a small radio receiver or little LED light. Most comments and so called reviews either do not understand how solar power systems work, a lazy and simply regurgitate the manufacturers product data or a paid by the supplier of this product to do the favourable reviews. The advertised power outputs are NEVER achieved and the charging capabilities are limited to a few hours a day and that’s if you have direct access to unobstructed sunlight. These solar based systems are useless without some sort of battery that’s charged from the solar panels/charge controller. Any suitable battery will add considerable weight to the overall system so reduces the portability of the system and you now have the problem of safely storing a large battery. For the record I have used and test several solar based charging systems and NONE have achieved anywhere near the advertised power ratings. Solar power systems are less efficient than the inefficient wind power systems which is say something! Save your money and buy a simple but more efficient hand cranking type system – then you will realise why the military use hand cranking systems and not the very overrated solar systems – I rest my case.

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