Sony’s RX1R II Is A Camera Barely Larger Than The Sensor

How we use cameras is changing. Instead of cheap point-and-shoot cameras in every fanny pack and tourist backpack, many people are just using their phones, which come with handy networking features and the like. So in order to stay relevant, the point-and-shoot has been reinventing itself. One of the most curious, and cutest, is Sony’s RX1R II. But don’t be fooled. It may be adorably tiny, but it packs a ton of power into a little case.

Tiny Camera, Big Photos

The RX1R stands out for the power it packs into less than five inches by three inches by three inches. Yes, it’s that small, but it’s got a full-frame 35mm CMOS sensor with 42.4 megapixels of imaging. It also has a full-sized lens; this being a high-end Sony camera, it’s a Carl Zeiss with a F2 exposure.

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And it’s got an ISO range that is ridiculous. It goes from 100 all the way to 25,600, which is pretty impressive for a tiny little camera. And it has all the usual camera features you expect at this point; it’s mostly impressive for its size and resolution, after all.

Point and Shoot


If you need a compact camera, it really doesn’t get better than this. Well, yet; camera technology is a constant arms race, and it’s likely a camera smaller and even more powerful is on the way, probably next year. But if you’re sick of just shooting rough photos with your phone, or you don’t want to lug your DSLR around to events where it doesn’t fit, this is a small, relatively pocket-friendly alternative that packs in a lot of features.

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