Smartphones are great for quick snapshots and man-on-the-street photography, but they’re not exactly ideal for more complex shots, and the lack of real interchangeable lenses make it difficult to get exactly the effect you want out of a phone. But Sony has an idea that might just change how you take photos on your smartphone.

All In One Lens

If the concept sounds familiar, Sony has been making pro lenses that connect to your smartphone to shoot for quite a while. But none of them have been interchangeable; they’ve all been particular lens with connectivity capabilities, turning your phone into a better point-and-shoot, but still just a point-and-shoot. The QX1 is an attempt to allow you to use any E-mount lens with your smartphone.

High-Quality Lenses

The system is fairly simple: First, you clip the support to your phone. Next, you attach the processing module, which comes with the necessary mount. Then, you clip in your lens and you’re good to go. The effect is not unlike that of the Android cameras you’ve seen put out from Samsung, although, of course, the lens quality is a lot better. You get photos because your lens setup is paired to your camera, and you get the needed function to take a good shot with a better lens. That said, thought, there is one roadblock for those interested in better smartphone photos.

Quality Does Not Come Cheap


The price tag on this is almost like buying a second phone: The “body” alone will run you $400, and if you want a kit lens, that goes up to $600. Even more expensive, of course, will be the suite of lenses you’ll need to buy, unless you already own them. And needless to say, Sony prefers you use their phones. But it’s still a good idea, and if you want to use professional apps to take the photos, well worth it.

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