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Sony’s BDV-F7 Home Theater Is Sleek And Simple

Sony BDV-F7

Sony’s latest home theater system lets you keep it simple in a hurry. No messy 5.1 surround puzzle box to assemble in your living room, you get a sound bar to cram under your TV, a subwoofer and a 3D capable blu-ray player.

The BDV-F7 also does wireless and comes ready to connect to Netflix, Youtube, Pandora and Slacker. So if you have an entertainment network already set up in your house, it will fit right in and become part of the data stream. Also, with the new trend of sending wireless signals from an iPod or iPhone, that’s another way the BDV-F7 fits in. Also iPod related, there’s a proprietary Digital Media Port that will let you plug in an iPod dock, a USB port in the front of the device, and something called the Gracenote metadata service, which, in case you lost all your Bluray covers, will help you find out what movie you’re watching.

Audio ports include stereo, coaxial digital and optical digital; video output ports are composite, component video and HDMI.

Update: Crutchfield has it for $600.


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