Sony Unveils Adorable Round Bluetooth Speaker

Can a speaker be adorable?

The answer is yes- if you’re talking about Sony’s new SRS-BTV5, this one of the best Bluetooth speaker unveiled at CES. Shaped like a ball (or perhaps an egg or baby alien pod), the speaker fits in the palm of your hand but provides an impressive “360-degree Circle Sound” that fills an entire room with a 1.2-watt speaker. It’s available in black, white and pink.

You can connect the SRS-BTV5 with any Bluetooth A2DP compatible device. In addition, NFC technology allows you to sync the speaker with the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 smartphones. If you rock a Galaxy S III or Sony Xperia, you’ll simply need to touch your phone to the SRS-BTV5 to connect them. The speaker’s rechargeable battery promises five hours of wireless playback.

The SRS-BTV5 has a sleek, basic, user-friendly design. If you receive a call while listening to music, simply press the answer key and the music will fade so that you can take the call and talk through a built-in microphone. It’s perfect for party-planning conference calls- just be sure the other person knows he or she is on speakerphone!

Sony is expected to launch the SRS-BTV5 Bluetooth Speaker in Japan before bringing the adorable sound-ball elsewhere; it will cost $69 and be available in March.

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