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The Sony UBP X800M2 is one of the best 4K blu ray player along with the LG 3D Ultra High Definition 4K Blu-ray Player, the Panasonic DP-UB820 Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray Player, and the LG UBK80 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray Player. These players provide the end users with supreme audio quality and a great picture for a UHD Blu Ray. You will experience movies with four times the high resolution audio over a conventional Full HD Blu Ray Disc Player, utilizing the Sony Ultra HD Blu Ray technology.

Why We Like It – Sony UBP-X800M2

The Sony Ultra Player Dolby Vision, or Sony UBP X800M2, is one of the best high resolution blue rays on the market today. It has superior sound quality that makes you feel like you have your own home theater.

  • Dolby Vision offer vibrant colors
  • Excellent audio output and audio input
  • Up to 100x stronger signal
  • Need a 4K TV to enjoy full benefits
  • No Bluetooth support


The UHD Blu Ray Player Sony brand has a great picture quality and audio formats never seen or heard before in DVD audio, digital audio, and other Blu Ray players. It works off of Wi Fi but does not support Bluetooth. One Amazon Prime verified purchase Sony UBP X800M2 review stated they were upgrading their UBP X700 and were not disappointed with the enhanced quality. This Sony UBP X800M2 Ultra HD Blu Ray support Dolby Vision playback. It has HDMI ports for fast connectivity and a USB port for viewing Dolby Vision content.


The build quality is top notch on this Blu Ray Player Sony UBP X800M2. The Dolby atmos audio outputs and vision outputs are great for watching HDR content and HDR10 Support content. It features advanced upscaling of everything you watch to 4K resolution quality, far exceeding previous versions of Blu Rays. The player is lightweight and is a sleek black color, blending in well with your other viewing technologies.


The Sony X800M2 is what you would expect from the Sony Blu Ray Dolby Vision support product line. Since Blu Ray discs are offered just as much as traditional DVD discs, it is still a worthwhile investment in a top of the line Dolby Digital disc player. With surround sound, audio, and Dolby Vision HDR, images will be crisper and more vibrant than ever seen before. Your viewing experience will be exceptional with a Dolby Vision disc player of this caliber.

Sony UBP-X800M2 Wrap Up

The Sony Blu Ray is a good value for the price. While you need a 4K TV for the best viewing quality, it is a worthwhile investment if you like to watch movies at home. Unfortunately, the player does not have Bluetooth capabilities for using wireless headphones, however, it does have its own Wi Fi. Overall, this Dolby Digital Ultra HD Blu Ray player is top of the line.

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