What is the Sony TV Manufacturer Warranty?

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Updated February 17, 2023

When perusing appliance insurance plans, you may want to learn about the Sony TV manufacturer’s warranty options. When you purchase a new Sony television, you get a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty that covers both the TV itself and the remote control that ships with the unit. This manufacturer’s warranty only covers factory-related issues, similar to a standard Beats by Dre warranty. So it won’t cover accidental damage or theft.


  • Sony offers a manufacturer’s limited warranty for all products, including its line of smart televisions.
  • This warranty period lasts for one year and covers warranty repairs related to manufacturing errors at the factory.
  • For more coverage, start a protection plan with Sony or go with a third-party TV insurance or consumer warranty provider.

Do Sony TVs Ship With a Warranty?

Yes, Sony televisions ship with the company’s standard manufacturer’s warranty that lasts for one year and covers manufacturing issues, just like an LG refrigerator warranty and similar types of coverage plans. This warranty does not cover accidental damage or theft, so you will have to opt-in to another program for that type of coverage if you break the screen or smash your remote control. Fortunately, it’s as easy as signing up for an AppleCare+ battery replacement plan.

Insider Tip

Sony covers the TV and remote but not third-party accessories, so read the fine print before filing a claim to make sure you’re covered.

Tips to Extend Coverage

Luckily, there are many ways to extend and improve your coverage so you and your prized Sony TV will be together for many years to come. Here are a few options.

Sony’s Protect Plus

Sony is a tech company, and these companies make money by selling you a product and then insuring the product in-house. In other words, Sony offers a robust series of insurance and extended warranty plans for your prized TV. You’ll be given a window of 90 days or so to activate a plan, which is easily done via the registration page on the web or on Sony’s official web portal. These plans charge monthly or annually and offer robust coverage of three years or so, and most plans even cover accidental damage and theft.

Third-Party Plans

Televisions are hot-ticket items for most households, so there are plenty of third-party insurance options available to regular users. Companies like Asurion, Akko, and Square all offer robust insurance and extended warranty plans for Sony televisions that work just like Sony’s own plans, though some coverage differences do exist. Additionally, legacy insurers like Progressive and Geico also offer dedicated home appliance insurance that covers televisions.

STAT: Sony began in the wake of World War II. In 1946, Masaru Ibuka started an electronics shop in Shirokiya, a department store building in the Nihonbashi area of Tokyo. (source)

Other Insurance Plans

You can cobble together coverage via other insurance plans that are available to most people. For instance, renters insurance will cover theft, which is a boon, and homeowners’ insurance plans cover issues pertaining to natural disasters and the like. There may be other coverage options affiliated with these plans.

Sony TV Warranty FAQs

How do the terms of coverage work?

This depends on the warranty service you are looking at, but typically you file a claim and resolve it with Sony Electronics Inc.

Do Sony protection plans charge deductibles?

Some Sony Xperia phones will require a deductible when you submit a claim, but the company does not require one for any TVs, especially when concerned with the professional product warranty or limited warranty.

What do warranties not cover?

Limited warranty plans do not cover accidental damage, weather damage, or theft, though this does fluctuate a bit depending on the country of purchase.
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