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Updated March 16, 2023
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While it may not have the highest power output, the Sony SACS9 comes with a whole bunch of features ranging from amazing low end sounds to an easy tuning process to customize the sound to your needs. Even though the design doesn’t stand out much, it does come with a form of simplicity along with compactness making it easy to place in your home theatre system. If you want a device that will store your music and play it, check out the Olive 03HD music server review. And so, with all that paired with an automatic audio sensing feature and a speaker design that is greatly durable, the Sony SACS9 is one of the best subwoofers you can get at its price range. If you want to make it easy to connect to this Sony, take a look at playGO USB review.

Sony SACS9


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Why We Like It – Sony SACS9

Available at a very affordable price, the Sony SACS9 is a subwoofer that can easily make an excellent addition to your home theater system. It delivers a strong performance when watching movies or just enjoying the beats of any music. You even get a pretty wide frequency range, offering you high-quality low ends all while measuring to be a compact subwoofer with a seemingly simple but elegant design. If you want the most upgraded speaker, you should also read our review of the Audi/B&O telescoping speaker system.

  • Wide frequency range
  • Durable design
  • Tuning options are available
  • Power output is pretty low for the price.


The amplifier comes with a 115W peak power output which, although moderate, does fall behind with a continuous power output of 34.5W. However, paired with the frequency response range of 28-200Hz and the cone diaphragm of the speaker, you still get a powerful low-end sound that is both clear and crisp with a good amount of resonance. Additionally, the bass reflex duct that suppresses any unwanted noise gives the subwoofer a better sound reproduction and, therefore, a bass that still sounds pretty powerful and deep despite not having that high a power output. Options like the Polk Audio PSW505 BIC America F12 come with a better, greater power output which gives you a much more powerful bass, which is neither too boomy nor distorted, so if you have a bit more money to spare, these might be better options worth considering. Do you want to check out a compact speaker with stunning musicality and breathtaking bass? Read our SVS SB 1000 gaming subwoofer review.

Moreover, due to the Mica Reinforced Cellular (MRC) woofers, you get a much better sound quality with deeper bass as the fiber on the woofer holds its shape rigidly even when playing audio, making no compromises on the sound quality. Any form of unwanted noise is also prevented further as the waves of noise are acoustically absorbed while damping the vibrations within the cabinet, thus giving you much more clear and noise-free audio quality from your active subwoofer. Unfortunately, you won’t get this with the speaker in our Bass Egg review, but you will have great wireless sound.

You even get a number of additional features with the Sony SACS9, which makes it a much more convenient and easy-to-use home theater subwoofer. Firstly a tunable crossover lets you tighten up the low-end by varying the frequency response from 50Hz all the way up to 200Hz. And while there’s a phase switch that allows you to make sure that the subwoofer is playing audio in phase with the speakers, you also get an automatic power-saving feature that puts the subwoofer into a standby mode until an audio signal is present. Other than that you do get a volume control, making the audio reach as far as it can depending on how loud a sound you need. All in all, even though the Sony SACS9 doesn’t offer as much customizability as some other subwoofers, the overall amazing sound quality of it makes tweaking the audio simply unnecessary.


Measuring to be 11.5 x 16 x 13.5 Inches in size and weighing just 25lbs, the Sony SACS9 is much lighter than the Polk Audio PSW505 and much more compact too. This makes it easier to place in your room without taking up much space and with four foot pads it won’t move around even at high volumes. The Sony SACS9 also comes with the traditional back facing ports which range from the standard RCA input to the speaker line outputs, thus making it easy to install and also pretty convenient to place with the 6.5Inch included phono cord.

The driver material in it is of woven fibre unlike the more standard paper or cloth in other woofers. Thus, you won’t have to worry much about any form of wear or tear damage over time but the 2-year warranty might raise some brows. If by chance you come across any form of damage when you take off the plain vinyl foam-grill, which is made to be removable, do make sure to make an exchange or repair within the short 2-year warranty time.
However, with that being a small compromise to make for such a great subwoofer, the design of it is fairly simple and not really it’s selling point. You get a standard smart black finish over the build which along with the solid wood veneer gives you a quality design that won’t affect your overall and bass sound due to changes in temperature or humidity.


Priced at $158, the Sony SACS9 falls within the more affordable options of subwoofers. It offers a pretty deep bass and does live up to its price in terms of both design and functionality. Overall, it will serve you well for a standard desktop speaker system with a greater peak power output than the Polk Audio PSW10, but for a better music quality and more powerful bass, slightly higher-priced products like the Polk Audio PSW505 or the BIC America F12, just seem like a better value.

Speaking of higher-priced products, another option is the speaker in our JBL PartyBox 710 review.

Sony SACS9 Wrap Up

While it may not have the most powerful bass nor a very aesthetic design, with the price range it comes at, the Sony SACS9 does provide you your money’s worth. It gives you a pretty good home theater system but will fall back in terms of its power output and thus not reaching through to the end of the room, and so if you’re okay with the amazing low-end sounds without the best bass quality, the Sony SACS9 with it’s simple yet durable design might just be your go to. It’s compact and convenient to use, but if you can reach a bit more deep into your pockets, options with a greater power output like the PSW505 are greatly worth considering.

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